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Surviving the Over-the-Top Sanguine in Your Life

TMI (too much information). No follow through. Big talk, little action. Serenity NOW!

Do those descriptors ring familiar? A friend, family member, or perhaps an annoying co-worker? Count yourself blessed if these are not a part of your everyday existence. However, if you are frustrated on a daily basis by anything on that list, take heart . . . you just need to understand the sanguine in your life. Understanding leads to surviving.

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If you are sanguine reading this, please don’t be offended, maybe there is something here for you to learn. First, may I say that sanguine personalities are delightful and they light up a often gloomy world. However, to varying degrees, many sanguines will operate in a weaknesses, thus providing challenges to those who know them best. Let’s take a look and see if we can help survive when this personality goes “over-the-top”. (more…)

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What Happens when Sanguines Get Bored?

What happens when sanguine personalities get bored? Let me provide a little background before answering that question. I recently ran across a worn piece of paper when cleaning my crazy, messy house. Decorated with inky scribbles, the backside of this government map intrigued me. It was from a long, BOR-ING stretch of nothingness road my family traveled a few years back. The long-preserved marks were our own version of “redneck” jokes.

At the time we created our list, Jeff Foxworthy was at the height of his career creating good-time giggles for all of America with his famously-themed jokes.

My two sons and I, all with varying blends of sanguine, were packed in a F-250 Ford pick-up truck rumbling down a “snoozer” stretch of highway; between the three of us, we made up some home-grown redneck jokes to add zest to the arduous trip. I hope you’ll share a laugh from the past with me:


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