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Spiritual Personalities, Part 3 – Melancholy

When it comes to Christianity, the melancholy needs to avoid turning his/her spirituality into a journey of perfection. When perfection becomes the goal, a relationship with Jesus unwittingly turns into legalism. However, when the proper balance between God’s perfect standard and relationship is found, the melancholy is a beautiful example of a true seeker of God and His ways.

perfection is my enemy

View of God

As a consummate seeker of perfection the melancholy is naturally drawn to Bible verses such as Matthew 5:48, “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (NKJV). Out of all four personality types the melancholy is the most likely to do things properly. They are organized, meticulous with details, orderly in everything they do, and very disciplined. They expect a lot of themselves and they tend to approach Christianity in much the way . . . organized, meticulous, orderly, and very disciplined. (more…)

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Workplace Personalities, Part 3 – Want It Done Right?

Want a job done right? . . . who ya gonna call? A MELANCHOLY!

That’s right, the melancholy personality will get the job done right, and with attention to detail.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Anyone familiar with this temperament knows that they seek out perfection as if it was a buried treasure. They add a new dimension to the phrase “well done.” This is an employers dream. A melancholy on the job pays attention to detail and will polish a project until it shines bright. The one draw back to (more…)

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