Personality Sacks and Cards

Even me, the Personality Mechanic, likes to dabble around with arts and crafts. What really excites me is plugging The Personalities into the things I make. It is so fun to consider a certain personality type and then create a “work of art” (or a “work of whimsy” in some cases) that appeals to that personality type.

This page is devoted to my endeavors which, at this time, center around Personality Sacks and Cards. I’ll be sharing some of my creations and, if you feel so inclined, I would appreciate feedback (especially GOOD feedback so I don’t cry…lol). AND, if you see anything you’d like to purchase, let me know. I’m not set up to do Internet sales, but depending on the type of interest I receive that is always a future possibility. However, if you see something you’d like to get more information on or even BUY, send me an email or contact me on FB and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks for stopping by!


melancholy pup sack

This little guy and his sack was created to appeal to the MELANCHOLY personality…although any dachshund lover can easily be enchanted by this cute pup. This baby actually found a home by someone who attended a Christmas craft fair last winter.

phlegmatic bag

This sweet sheep was a big hit with the PHLEGMATIC personality he was created for. The soft muted colors along with the warm, fuzzy stuffy who looked like he could listen for hours made him one of quickest sales during the 2012 Christmas Season.

Phlegmatic, melancholy sacks

These sacks were created with the introverted personalities (PHLEGMATIC AND MELANCHOLY) in mind. The blue sack on the left was actually a prototype that I (a PHLEGMATIC) carried for months. I LOVE this bag. The denim color blends well with just about any outfit and the metallic tone bling satisfies that sanguine personality that is my secondary blend. The violet sack (right) is simple, yet elegant with that light color. The cord that shows off the cut stone adds that special touch that appeals to a MELANCHOLY who appreciates detailed accents. This violet sack could easily appeal to the phlegmatic personality.

sanguine butterfly sack

TOTALLY SANGUINE!!! There is no mistaking the personality THIS bag was intended to appeal to…the SANGUINE. This sack was custom made for my very sanguine niece. He favorite color is orange and the bright orange yarn perfectly matched the butterfly and blanket that accent this combination sack and blanket. I also made this with a bright green yarn. It quickly sold as a Christmas gift in 2012. I have one more butterfly piece left and can custom make a bag similar to the photo is you’d like one. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR CUSTOM ORDER.



Creating cards is a relatively NEW endeavor, but boy howdy, I am having a blast with this project. It is a perfect pasttime for my phlegmatic/sanguine blend personality for several reasons. 1) It feeds that creative part of sanguine side. I love envisioning a photo and then working to make it happen. 2) It is an activity that lets my phlegmatic primary side quietly work by myself. 3) Sanguine personalities lack follow through, and phlegmatic people don’t like activities that are too involved and making cards fills both those needs in me . . . once I get a shot I like then play with the composition and color, I have an image that can be used over and over again. All these cards are available for purchase if you see something you like. I’m not set up for Internet sales, but if you are local (northern New Mexico, ABQ area) we can connect pretty easily. Contact me via Facebook or email ( and we’ll see what we can arrange. If you just like to look, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts. Here we GO!!

I can make orders from any of these photos. Again, not set up for Internet sales, yet, but if you see anything you’d like to purchase, contact me: I can work easily with local people (northern NM or ABQ area) and am willing to mail inside the United States. But, if you just want to share your input, I welcome that via Facebook or email.



Sanguine cards are fun and whimsical . . . and what is more fun than a sock monkeys?


More sock monkeys, but add flock of flamingos! This page does not do justice to the vibrant colors on the actual card, but the combination of whacky birds and electric colors will appeal to just about any sanguine who lays eyes on this feast for the eyes.



Since I don’t have much choleric flowing through my veins, it’s hard to compose totally choleric photos. However, I find that choleric personalities tend to be drawn to my cards that have a bit of intensity . . . and they usually do not appreciate whimsical sock monkeys or brightly colored flamingos. So, here are a couple of my cards that do appeal to some of the cholerics in my life.



Melancholy people love beautiful things. Flowers usually meet that expectation. Here are some lovely, yet simple shots that would appeal to most melancholy personalities. FYI, brightly colored flowers often appeal to sanguine people, too.



What’s more low-keyed than eggs in a nest. What shows the characteristic warmth of the phlegmatic personality better than a paw and a hand sharing a precious touch. Both the subject matter and the muted colors immediately draw most phlegmatic people in.



Okay, I know that “dog lover” is NOT a real personality, but if there WAS a fifth category or personality, it would have to include animals. With a trio of terriers like I have (and one in particular named Kramer) I have lots of great dog shots present themselves. So, I’m adding a dog lover category. It doesn’t matter what personality a human has, if you love dogs, you LOVE dogs and a cute dog card is always a hit with such a person.