Purely Personalities

Have you ever noticed that we are all different? Even though we may look the same on the outside like Cooper (far left) and Newman (far right), we are all different on the inside. Just like Shona’s Personality Pups (which also includes highway-find, Watson) illustrate, we are all different.

Shona uses the “Spicy Girls” and her trio of terriers to playfully present The Personalities. As a CLASS Certified Personality Trainer, she incorporates several presentations into her repertoire to enhance the foundational teaching of Florence and Marita Littauer. Messages are geared toward Christian audiences, but are easily modified for secular presentations such as workplace and school venues.


Getting to Know You

This is a general introduction to the four personality types (sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic); includes visual and behavioral clues, along with emotional needs. This presentation can stand alone or be combined with any of the following topics. This must be the base presentation if combined with other session to make a series. (1 to 1.5 hour)

Personalities for Pairs

Introduces couples to the tools that will help understand each other better and enhance communication. Make “happily ever after” a reality in your life! (1 to 1.5 hour)

Spiritual Personalities

This session helps individual Christians understand their approach to God, especially when we feel more “holey” than “holy”. Learn how to use your strengths to benefit your church and better understand your fellow congregants. (1 hour)

Personalities in the Workplace

Learn what personalities work best in what positions. This session also explores strategies dealing with customers, bosses, employees, and  co-workers. (1 hour)

Financial Personalities

The way each of us pursues finances can be masterful or full of disaster! Learn how your personality affects the way you manage and spend your money. Great workshop and can be combined with a financial expert to devise strategies for personality type. (1 to 1.5 hour)

Preschool Personalities

The material in this workshop gives parents and another people working with preschool-age children the inside track on how to deal more effectively with this often challenging stage. Learn how to handle an attention-seeking clown, a bossy tot, the sensitive child, and the quiet one who needs to be noticed.

The following is an inspirational series created for a womens retreat or event:


Session One: Who are You?

Are you a perky, powerful, perfect, or peaceful girl? The material for this presentation is identical to the “Getting to Know You” session listed above, but is tailored for women. (1 to 1.5 hour)

Session Two: Becoming a Gracious Girlfriend

Don’t offend your friends! Learn how to enhance the dynamics between you and your friends. (1 to 1.5 hours)

Session Three:  I Wanna Be like P-31!

This session uses the four personality types to understand the Proverbs 31 Woman. Learn not to be intimidated by this outstanding woman, as well as how to capitalize on your strengths and minimized weaknesses in order to better reflect her to your family and friends. (1.5 hour)

Session Four: Spiritual Personalities

This presentation includes the same material as the above “Spiritual Personalities” presentation, but is aimed more toward women audiences.

NOTE: Any combination of the four sessions of Girls of Grace can be used depending on time allotment and needs, however, Session One: Who are You? must be the foundational workshop in any series.

Shona also offers free monthly personality webinars through ChristianWomenAffiliate.com. She partners up with Shonda Savage Whitworth to bring a variety of topics, via the Internet, to attendees all over the country. Click HERE or on the above CWA badge to get to the webinar page. Once there you can watch past shows or see the time and link for the upcoming presentation. (Webinars are held on the LAST Wednesday of each month at 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, and 11pm PST unless otherwise indicated)