Word for Today – Titus 1:5

For This Reason

“Let your desires be ruled by reason” (Cicero 106 BC-43 BC)

The word ‘reason’ can be use in many ways. We reason things out looking for solutions. There are reasons we do what we do. And, as Marcus Tullius Cicero points out: it is good to let our desires be ruled by reason.

I like what the Roman philosopher and politician says because it gives me a sense of having my desires line up with why God put me here; there is a reason. God put all of us here for a purpose. Paul made this premise abundantly clear in a letter he wrote to Titus, a Greek believer that Paul nurtured in the Faith and into a position of leadership:

“I left you behind in Crete for this reason, so that you should put in order what remains to be done” (Titus 1:5 NRSV).

Titus had a reason – to help oversee the churches in Crete. That was not a cushy job since the Cretans were described by Paul as “liars, vicious brutes, [and] lazy gluttons” in Titus 1:12. There are not many people who would seek out such a ministry “opportunity” unless there was a reason. Titus did; it was “for this reason” that God put him on earth. It was the call for that servant’s life.

What can we glean from this? We, like Titus, have a reason. It isn’t always easy to figure out our call, and sometimes it is scary when God contacts us via his spiritual phone from heaven. But, if we stay close to the Lord, we’ll eventually figure out our reason and be honored to follow through . . . whatever it may be.

For some of us, an overwhelming desire in our heart makes it unmistakable where God want us. That goes along with what Cicero said about our desires being ruled by reason. I’m not sure he uttered those words in the Christian context in which I ponder them, but I do see the desires of our hearts lining up with God’s reasons for creating us.

We all have gifts and talents that our loving Father bestows on us. There is a reason he blesses us like that, and why longings emerge from the depths of our souls. Keep seeking until you find yours!

Word for Today: God gave you purpose. For this reason, you were born.

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