Word for Today – Give a Little Love!

Give a Little Love

I’ll get back to Philippians next week, but one more post of light, but important, fare. I’ve always heard a little love can go a long way, and after the Christmas season . . . I believe it!

One of our favorite Christmas movies is the Jim Carey version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I have the memory of a gold fish, so what struck me this season about the movie may touch my heart every time I watch it, but today I’m actually going to record my thoughts.

Anyone who knows anything about Mr. Grinch knows he as about as unlovable as they come. He also smells, has termites in his teeth, and is as tender as a seasick crocodile. Too bad people like that aren’t only in whimsical stories; they really DO exist. And, who better than Christians to give them a little love like Cindy Lou Who showed to the Grinch. She was the only one in Whoville who extended a loving hand to the unlovable grouch residing in a cave high on Mt. Crumpit.

But, a little love went a long way, and the Grinch ultimately succumbed to the emotion that had long been absent in his is miserable life. He even carved the roast beast at the Who Christmas celebration! The power of love is amazing.

Not only did the the Grinch movie illustrate the importance of love, but I’ve observed it in my house this holiday. And, at the risk of belaboring the event of adding a new dog to our home, I’d like to share how Kramer has also shown us the power of love.

Kramer was a little like the Grinch when he arrived in our home December 5, 2010. He definitely resembled the infamous green grouch in that he was very unruly and somewhat of a whirlwind (this was probably a result of not having a regular home for so long). Thankfully, unlike the Grinch, he was very people oriented.

Because of recent neuter surgery we had to wait a week before giving Kramer a proper bath. He wasn’t smelly like the Grinch, but we knew he wasn’t as clean as he could be.

Well, despite it all, we loved and showered Kramer with affection; we’ve seen a huge change in his behavior, but nothing as obvious as his interaction with our other two dogs. Newman didn’t/doesn’t have much use for Kramer; he frequently growls at his new brother. Needless to say,  it’s going to take a while for that bond to develop.

However, Cooper loves Kramer. There were a few rough moments at the beginning, but because Cooper is more accepting of the white flash zipping around the house, they have developed a precious bond. They wrestle. They share kisses. They chew on the same toy at the same time! They really enjoy each others company. That’s kind of how the Grinch’s story ends . . . and all because Cindy Lou Who shared a little love.

As we reflect on the past year and look forward to a new one, let’s strive to give a little love to everyone. Wait, let’s take it one step further and give a WHOLE lot of love!

Word for Today: Give a WHOLE lot of love!

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