Word for Today – 3:7-8 Part 2

The Surpassing Values of Christ – Update

I wanted to do a quick update on Zach, the pound puppy from my December 3 post, “The Surpassing Value of Christ.” After a disastrous week of no open doors as I sought to see if Zach would be a candidate to bring into our home, I gave up.

I knew his forever family was out there somewhere and that they would find each other soon. But, each day I checked to see if Zach’s picture had been removed from the Santa Fe Humane Society site, indicating he’d been adopted, there he sat . . . day after day.

As Saturday, a busy day at the shelter, rolled around I was hopeful. Yet, on Saturday night,  his picture stared back at me from the computer screen. I was so sure he and his family would have met by then. Then on Sunday, something miraculous happened.

When I looked for his photos, it was gone! I couldn’t suppress the thankfulness in my heart because Zach no longer stared at me from the Internet . . . our gazes now met face-to-face because, on Sunday afternoon, we became his new family. To make a long, emotional, and miraculous story short, let’s just say the right doors opened at the right time.

The week-long journey was painful and confusing at times, but through it all I had to trust that God was in control. Still at times, as I watch the tricky part of bringing another dog into family already blessed with two, I still have to trust that God has it all worked out. Believe me, it is pure chaos sometimes.

I don’t always understand God and, if my dogs knew about God, they would probably question why on earth He has allowed this enthusiastic young upstart (nice word for “brat”) into their world. Even with the uncertainty we all feel, we must trust. The vet said there would be about a two-week adjustment period as the dogs establish their new roles. But, in the midst of all the growling I have to look at all the positive signs and trust that God is still in control.  That is what keeps me sane during this period of canine insanity.

Despite it all, I am blessed with peace and a furry white streak (now named Kramer) wreaking havoc in my house.

Word for Today: In all circumstances, always recognize the surpassing value of Christ above all else.

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