Word for Today – Haggai 2:1-9

We Are in this Together

The Times

The people responded obediently to Haggai’s message and finally rebuilt God’s temple.

The Atmosphere

The people quit resisting God and displayed a new attitude of enthusiasm. The Spirit filled their hearts, and they started living again. By establishing the right priorities, they no long just existed, and their persistence rebuild the temple.

Current Application

Not everyone in today’s society relies on God. This group is filled with believers and non-believers, and may include friends, neighbors, your own family members, and maybe even you. Most Christians recognize their need for God’s provision, Jesus’ grace, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Much in the way we need the three-persons of God to influence our steps, our godly steps need to influence those around us.

Whether the people we encounter on a daily basis are believers or not, it is our call to leave a Christ-like impression with them. Are we compassionate? Do we show kindness? Are needs being met? Are we reflecting Christ to everyone we meet? Are we building or tearing down? Everyone needs Christ in their life or, at the very least, they should experience his influence through professing Christians. The world may not realize it, but we are all in this together.


A few years ago I worked at a dry cleaner/laundromat. While I was still a newbie, I became responsible for training the lady who was hired a few weeks after me. There was still plenty my co-worker, Joyce, and I had to learn, but we were efficient enough that the boss let us work together in their absence.

One day, Joyce and I cruised through our duties thinking we were pretty awesome for such new employees; things flowed like a gentle river all morning. Then, disaster struck when the afternoon ushered in a situation that could only be described as “trial by fire!” A customer came in, and her order was missing a tie. Adding fuel to the fire, she was in a hurry.

In our inexperience, we weren’t aware of the process of hunting down missing items. As we stumbled and bumbled our way through the horrid situation, I overcharged the woman’s credit card. I did not now how to undo my mistake, and we found ourselves engulfed by a our customer service inferno. The woman, who had remained extremely patient, left frustrated.

The boss came in shortly thereafter finding two traumatized employees. Joyce and I had let our attitudes get a little cocky, but our fiasco reminded us that we still needed the bosses’ guidance. Drawing on his experience and wisdom, he quickly located the tie and fixed my credit card mistake. Even though he had no direct part in the crisis, he was the ultimate authority and knew we were in this together. As a result, the customer was ultimately soothed while Joyce and I used the experience to become better employees.

Key Verse

“The latter splendor of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts; and in this place I will give prosperity, say the Lord of hosts” (Haggai 2:9 NRSV).

Think About It

The Jewish leaders and their citizens (along with God) accomplished things after they listened to Haggai; they were in it together and succeeded in rebuilding the temple. Christians and non-Christians are much like the Jewish leaders and citizens in that there is much to accomplish in this world. Whether people understand it or not, we are all in this together, and God needs to be a part of it.

Joyce and I thought we were pretty hot stuff until we needed the boss. Christians and non-Christians alike often think they are hot stuff and don’t need God. Just like our boss got us on the right track and made us better employees, we need God who will guide our steps and make us better than before.

Word for Today: Christians, non-Christians, and God . . . we are in this together.

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