Word for Today – Enthusiasm (Haggai)

Introduction to Haggai

The Times

In 537 BC, the people of Israel had been living in exile for close to seventy years. In that same year many of them decided to leave Babylon. They answered God’s call to return to Jerusalem, rebuild the temple, and reestablish their homeland.

When they left Babylon their hearts were on fire and ready to fulfill God’s command. Ezra 1:5 captures the electric atmosphere:

“The heads of the families of Judah and Benjamin, and the priests and the Levites — everyone whose spirit God had stirred– got ready to go up and rebuild the house of the Lord in Jerusalem” (NRSV).

However, somewhere along the line the returning Jews lost their enthusiasm to rebuild God’s temple. It was time to recapture the enthusiasm that once drove the people.

Current Application

As believers mature, our fires often fizzle. Like the latter stages of marriage, we often lose the excitement of the Christian life. We forget how Jesus once stirred our hearts. The revelations we experienced as the Holy Spirit introduced us to the Christian life are a distant memory. The divine honeymoon gives way to complacent Christianity.

We need revival. We need Change. We must shed the shackles of monotony. Haggai was able to reignite the fire of enthusiasm in the hearts, minds, and souls of his people, and he can do it for you.

According to the Book of Haggai, the spirit of enthusiasm returned to the people. Among the ashes of apathy Haggai rekindled their desire to rebuild the temple, and it was completed in 516 BC after languishing for twenty years.

Think About It

In Haggai we will discover the principles of enthusiasm that will fan the flames of excitement in our own hearts, minds, and souls. Let’s rebuild the temples in our own Christian lives.

Contemplate your vision for the next six months. Does your mental and spiritual attitude match the greatness of your goals? What temple(s) are you rebuilding? Are you starting from scratch?

Write down your vision. What temple God is calling you to rebuild? Pray for strength, good judgment, and listen to the voice of God. Be ready to bring enthusiasm back into your life.

Word for Today: Enthusiasm! Reignite your heart, mind, and soul.

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