Word for Today: Matthew 26:30-31

Be a Christ Follower

Did you know they sang at the Last Supper? For as many times as I’ve combed through Matthew’s account of that historic event, that fact never registered.

Did you know that Judas was not the only one who deserted Jesus in the hours preceding the crucifixion? Most of us are aware of Peter’s denial, but it seems the betrayal of the other disciples gets lost among the swirl of activity that darkest of nights.

When they had sung the hymn, they went to the Mount of Olives. Then Jesus said to them, “You will all become deserters because of me this night”. (Matthew 26″30-31 NRSV)

Jesus’ words probably stung the ears and the hearts of his devoted followers, but Peter was the only one whose response is recorded. “I will never desert you,” came the famous, yet hollow, words of the always impulsive Peter. Jesus assured his devoted disciple the he would desert him no less than three time before the cock crowed that very night.

It is easy, 2000 years later, to judge Peter for his actions. We look at him and wonder, how could he deny the living Savior that he served with for three years? But, anytime we look at others with a critical eye, we need to apply our judgment to ourselves. In this situation we may just find that we desert Jesus much like Peter did.

The night before Jesus’ work on the cross he spent time with his spiritual family. They feasted. They had fellowship. They shared a bit of theology. And, they sang. That sounds a bit like our modern-day church service: time with our spiritual family, fellowship, communion, and a few hymns.

What a wonderful way to honor our Savior and be with other believers, but just as Jesus told his disciples they would “all become deserters,” is there any application to us today? Do we attend church services professing undying devotion to Jesus only to look like the world the rest of the week when living our faith gets a little difficult? Do we betray or desert Jesus?

I’ve witnessed faithful church attendees turn into obnoxious beasts at their child’s sporting events. I’ve heard stories of teenagers going on mission trips to impoverished areas only to return home and brag about the things they stole from those they went to serve. I’ve been guilty of throwing my devotion to Jesus out the window and biting off the head of a customer service representative who had nothing to do with my useless product.

No Christian is perfect, but it’s important to look at how often we we feast, fellowship, and sing in honor of our Savior only the desert him and everything he represents when we step outside the formality of church. Peter ultimately made amends for actions, and we can learn much from his example. It is hard to be 100 percent devoted to Jesus 100 percent of the time, but we must guard against a flippant attitude and deserting his ways when it seems the like easy way out.

Word for Today: Don’t desert Christ, be a Christ Follower.

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