Word for Today – Matthew 26:8

Waste It Not!

Some things are obviously worth a small fortune. Diamonds, considered a girls best friend, are a costly and precious gem. What about perfume? I often wonder if that sweet-smelling, froo-froo water is truly worth the small fortune we ring up at the cash register.

And what about that stinky black gold that powers society, fuels our cars, and drives the world economy? It is amazing what things are valued by man.

During his time on earth, Jesus valued things that many cast into trash bins carefully placed on the outskirts of society: lepers, tax collectors, demoniacs, and Gentiles. These outcasts were precious jewels to him. On one occasion a follower of Jesus showed how much she treasured Jesus by pouring a precious ointment over his head. The disciples reacted with vitriol:

“Why this waste! For this ointment could have been sold for a large sum, and the money given to the poor” (Matthew 26 NRSV).

Jesus reminded them of the woman’s good service to him. You see, Jesus, unlike the disciples and many of us, sees the benefit of an act that others easily misinterpret as waste.

One precious resource that I often hoard is my time. I’m a busy lady! I am a wife and mother, a blogger (founder of two, editor for another, and contributing writer to yet another!). I also record a weekly radio show, do webinars, and speak. Time is a treasure in my life. However, I need to remember that as a Christian, it is never a good thing to be so busy for God that I forget to be with him or with those who need to feel and experience God through me.

Not only to I need to maintain the right relationship with God and my loved ones, but I need to be sensitive to friends and strangers. Just within the last month I have encountered a heart-broken mother, an elderly friend who needs moral support and assistance yet has no family in the area, and dear friend who is swimming through the thick waters of a life changing event.

Like the disciples who saw the ointment showered over Jesus’ head as a waste, we often feel our time is wasted if it isn’t producing something tangible or furthering our own agendas. We need to recognize time spent with others as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of relationships.

Word for Today: Time, waste it not! Share it with others.

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