Word for Today – Matthew 21:5

What Are You Riding?

I am SO not a cowgirl, but if I was going to ride in one of those arena parades that kicks off a rodeo, I’d want the most beautiful palomino pony within a hundred miles. I would probably pass on a mule, a Shetland pony, or a donkey. Give me a high-stepping steed with a flowing mane and tail whipping in the evening air!

However, most of us, including me, don’t need a rodeo to mount our high horses. It’s sad, but true. I’m pretty easy-going, but there are a few things that make me saddle up my high horse and prance around that silly little arena of pride.

Lest I come across too  petty, I won’t list all my pet peeves, but this list will give you some insights:

  • when I call customer service and they cannot talk to me because I’m not my husband.
  • when my family does not close up the computer cabinet when they are done
  • when I’m running late and hit every red light and turtle car between me and my destination.

I don’t deserve those things, and I’ll bet you don’t either.

But before we ride into the sunset on our respective mounts, let’s look at someone else who didn’t get what he deserved.

“Look, your king is coming to you humble, and mounted on a donkey, and on a colt, the foal of a donkey.” (Matthew 21:5 NRSV)

Despite being the King of Kings, Jesus lead a rather simple life on earth. His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem was no exception – instead of entering as a conquering king on a fiery steed as sought by people, he arrived on the foal of a donkey. Not much pomp and circumstance in that, now is there?

His arrival was a departure from what the Jewish people wanted and were looking for, yet it proclaimed his messianic royalty, as well as his humility. (Interesting Note:  Before all was said and done, Jesus WAS the conquering King by defeating death so that mankind could live.)

Jesus deserved better, but he did what was best. We often think we deserve more and have no qualms jumping on our high-horses of folly brandishing our demands. Do you agree that something doesn’t add up when Jesus deserves way more and accepts less, and we expect much more and choose to commandeer the stomping, snorting ride of pride to satisfy our whims? What’s up with that? Our temperatures, perhaps?

Instead of focusing on our own little fits, we need to remember Jesus and reflect his humility (which often requires climbing into the saddle of patience.) Let us remember what HE rode so we can keep a proper perspective when choosing what WE are going to ride.

Word for Today: Jesus rode the foal of a donkey. What are you riding?

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