Word for Today – Matthew 20:31

Let Our Eyes Be Open

People say the darnedest things. It’s been my observation that verbal doozies often stem from arrogance and/or ignorance. Nothing is safe from the vocal folly of mortal men. . . politics, any kind of study ending with “ology”, the human observation of others, and, yes, Christianity. Actually, I’m going to focus on Christianity because, judging from what I see on TV, experience, and hear, it’s an easy target.

I must admit, I’ve target Christianity in the past. And, get this, I was a professing Christian at the time! I’m embarrassed to admit that I once made the statement, “No one knows how God is going to judge.” I would say that statement stemmed from my own ignorance. Thankfully, I’ve since learned that there is no judgment for those who are in Christ Jesus, and those who will ultimately stand in judgment, cannot meet the standard of God’s righteousness. Whew, I’m glad my ignorance was set straight by grace.

Now, I could go into an entire theological discourse here for those who may not understand the concept of grace, but that is not my purpose. My purpose is to share a verse that, as usual, struck me in my Bible reading. But, before we go there, I need to lay the groundwork for my thoughts. For those Christians reading this, have you ever felt marginalized just because you are a Christian? I have. Terms like redneck have been used to describe those of us who love our Bibles and other things that go along with the territory.

It happens on news shows when, during some debate, the Christian in the arena of ideas is dismissed because of their faith. I see it in real life when supposedly brilliant people in the name of tolerance say awful things about Christianity without understanding or the desire to even listen. They often are not intellectually honest or open when conversing with a believer (this is assuming, of course, that the Christian is not acting holier than thou). I’m not sure, but can the avoidance of meaningful dialog and the plethora of personal attacks be attributed to arrogance and/or ignorance? I’m thinking ignorance is a good bet, because I’ve been guilty of that wielding that dull sword.

During Jesus’ ministry he received a variety of responses from the population. Some loved him. Others hated him. Still yet, the sick wanted what he had to offer without offering a word of thanks, while humility caused others to genuinely love him for the compassionate and caring person he was. One day while out and about a couple of blind men yelled at Jesus to have mercy on their souls. They caught his attention:

“What do you want me to do for you?” They said to him,” Lord, let our eyes be open.” (Matthew 20:33 NRSV)

These men didn’t have the benefit of a neatly bound Bible to learn from in Sunday school. But, they also didn’t dismiss Jesus because he was a religious man. They were not looking for intellectual honesty . . . they just wanted their eyes to be open. They wanted to see things as they were. Not only did they received physical vision, but they saw the truth, and all they had to do was ask.

Thankfully after my ridiculously ignorant pronouncement that no one knows how God is going to judge, I stuck with my blossoming Christian faith and, even though I still have much to learn, I addressed my ignorance and asked God to open my eyes. I’ve also learned that if I am not well-versed in any area (no matter what it is), I try to ask questions rather than make pronouncements or silly assertions.

Am I perfect? No. Are the Christians reading this post perfect? No. Are any non-believers or carnal Christians feasting on this article perfect? No. But, how many of us truly ask for our eyes to be open? Do we get comfortable running in the circles where everyone tends to agree with us? Naturally, we are going to be drawn to those who think and act similar to us . . . that is human nature. But, I’m glad that I made the request that the Lord open my eyes.

I challenge believers and non-believers alike to let their eyes be open; open to the truth. Not everyone will ask it in the name of the Lord, and that is OK. But, I think that those who genuinely seek will have their eyes opened.

Word for Today: Lord, let our eyes be open.

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