WHO ARE YOU?? Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo…

OK, for you regular readers, yes, I’m aware that I just put an unrelated post smack dab in the middle of a four-part series. But that’s OK. I needed a change of pace this morning and decided to draw some owls. Random….I know. But even us “not-so-spontaneous” introverts need a total change in direction. I’ll continue with the current series on spiritual personalities (and finish it) in the next few days. Thanks for indulging me this interruption. I need it :)

So….on to owls. Whoo, whoo are YOU when it comes to owls? This material is based mainly on a visual observation, but sometimes it is amazing how accurate assessing someone by their appearance can be. For example, I occasionally help a friend of mine out at her dry cleaning business. A huge part of that job is customer service and, because of my knowledge of personalities, I’m very good at interacting with people. Before any words are exchanged I size customers up by their appearance and approach them according to what my visual assessment says about their personality. Here’s where my owl drawings come in. Not only can you see which one best reflects YOU, but I’ll describe them as if they are customers bringing me dirty clothes.

Sanguine Owl

Sanguine owl enhanced

If a sanguine owl were to bring her polka dot purse in for a good scrub, she’d be VERY easy to identify. The big “blingy” necklace around her neck is a great clue. Sanguine personalities LOVE accessories. Female sanguines love jewelry, hair decorations, and, on most occasions, HUGE purses. Male sanguines add fun little touches like colorful shoes, suspenders, or whacky ties and socks. Both genders have fun showing off unconventional hair styles.

When a sanguine comes into the shop, I know they will enjoy some fun chit chat. It’s nice when things are slow, because then I can listen to their adventures running errands, or the entertaining story about how the giant stain got on her pants (and I’m never surprised if her stains originate at a party with 100 guests since that is where a sanguine owls love to hang out.)

So, do you think you could be a sanguine owl?

Choleric Owl

choleric owl enhanced

The choleric owl isn’t as easy to identify as the flamboyant sanguine. They look pretty average when it comes to the way he/she dresses. Practical. For the choleric it’s all about being practical. They dress for the occasion. If they are running errands, they dress appropriately . . . no high heels or fancy up-do when it comes to hair. A simple pony tail, bun, or even a hat is good enough for most errands. If the choleric owl stops by the shop on the way to the gym, practical gym clothes will be the dress for the day. Bottom line, clothing is not the best determination when doing a visual assessment of a choleric. However, facial expression comes in handy! Intensity accompanies most choleric personalities. They tend to wear a scowl. Don’t assume they are mean, but understand they are always thinking ahead about what comes next in their day.

If this choleric owl came into the dry cleaner, I would stick to business because they have places to go and things to accomplish and no time to waste! “Just the facts” when it comes to this practical, no-nonsense bird.

Could YOU be a choleric owl?

Melancholy Owl

Melancholy owl enhanced

If I had to choose one word to describe the melancholy it would be “proper”. They tend to be proper in all areas . . . appearance and behavior. I quickly recognize the melancholy owl at the dry cleaner because they are usually very well put together. Their casual dress is often appropriate for work or even a party. They are the most “put-together” of all the personalities when it comes to the look. They match. They lean towards classy. They strive for perfection and it shows in the way their hair looks as good at the end of the day as when they started out in the morning. (Hairspray is a melancholy’s best friend). The colors they wear for the day are in complete agreement with each other, and accessories are usually impeccable.

When a melancholy owl comes into the cleaner, I get in detail mode. If there is a stain, they let me know. If they are concerned about the cleaning process, they ask and I answer (in detail). Because of their attention to detail and need for sensitivity, I know that melancholy customers are going to require more of a time commitment than the others (except the sanguine who has a lot to talk about.) Nothing makes for a more happy customer than a melancholy who feels that every single need, question, or concern has been adequately addressed by me — and I’m happy to do it because I understand that is what the melancholy owl needs :)

Do YOU relate to the melancholy owl?

Phlegmatic Owl

phlegmatic owl enhanced

I love the phlegmatic owls that come into the dry cleaner. They are THE most easy going customers. However, much like the choleric, they are not as easy to identify as the bright sanguine or the proper melancholy. They dress, well, just casual. Nothing really telling. However, sometimes the sharp eye of someone who knows personalities will notice the wrinkled shirt, the un-kept look, and the pleasant demeanor and know that a phlegmatic is in the midst. I’m a phlegmatic owl and dress as casual as I can without being out of place. I don’t mind dressing up now and then when I KNOW it’s required, but I have a real fear of being over dressed. Couple my desire for comfort with my fear of over dressing and you have a classic phlegmatic owl.

When this laid-back bird comes into the cleaner, I secretly smile. They are so friendly and easy to serve. One of my favorite customers was phlegmatic. He brought in the most unusual array of clothing. They were an eclectic collection of muted and varied colors of suits, ties, and shirts. He wore them when he traveled all over the world for his job. His hair was longish for a man and gentle uncombed curls framed his face and waltzed atop his head when he walked. He was always pleasant even on one occasion when there was a glitch in his order being ready when he came to pick it up. It’s moments such as that that really make me appreciate this easy-going personality. Unlike the other personalities who would have been likely to express some level of displeasure, this phlegmatic owl assured me it was OK and was thankful that this was the first time in years he’s had any problem with an order. HE assured ME that all was just fine. He wasn’t upset that he was going to have to make another trip to get his order. He was awesome. Yep, phlegmatic owls make great customers, especially when things go wrong.

If YOU are a phlegmatic owl, I think I love you :)

I hope that this fun approach to personality owl has given you some understanding into yourself or others.

(NOTE: part 3 of Spiritual Personalities will be the next post. We’ll talk about the melancholy personality’s approach to God.)

©2013 Shona Neff

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5 Responses to “WHO ARE YOU?? Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo…”

  1. Dawn Wilson Says:

    HAHAHAHA! Loved this. When I saw it, I thought of the TV show “CSI” and that opening song … “Whooooo are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?”

    People often call me a sanguine, but it’s all “learned.” I’m almost 100% melancholy. And your mellow owl described me perfectly. Thanks for this break… I needed the laugh.

  2. admin Says:

    Dawn, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad my post made you giggle…it was fun to write, but still informative. I thought of the CSI theme song too.Great minds think alike….as they say :)


  3. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    I have a library book (non-fiction) that has a woman with a cow purse in it. I think she has sanguine tendencies due to this and her big personality, open mouth grin and energy. She’s a child’s therapist.

  4. admin Says:

    Ah, astute observation1 I’d say you are probably spot on. The fact that she is a therapist leads to me believe her blend is phlegmatic since phlegs tend to be great listeners and are naturals for counseling.


  5. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    She’s late to her interview with the mom, but she was a good employee at the law firm she worked at before and was able to play a finger game with the boy. That she could be an intelligent, dependable person and play with the boy that way appealed to his mom. She does behavioral therapy with the boy because he’s autistic.

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