Spiritual Personalities, Part 1 – Sanguine

How do personalities affect our approach to God?

As a Christian Personality Mechanic, I find this topic fascinating and wanted to share some of my observations with you. It may help you understand others, but better yet, it may help you feel more comfortable with who YOU are when it comes to God’s kingdom.

Sanguine personalities are people people. They tend to be warm, fun, lively, and talkative. People are drawn to them so it isn’t unusual for them to be surrounded by a sea of friends everywhere they go. Their mantra is the “the more the merrier!”  They are talkers and usually have a good or personal adventure to share with anyone who will lend an ear. A Bible verse that meshes well with this vibrant personality is Psalm 32:11: “Celebrate God. Sing together — everyone! All you honest hearts, raise the roof!” (Psalm 32:11 MSG)

Girl lifting Heart

View of God

Many of the sanguine person’s emotional needs involve feeling accepted. They tend not to be harsh and, likewise, don’t like it when others are harsh toward them. They view God as the affectionate father . . . much like a endeared “Daddy”. Spiritual sanguines enjoy a close relationship that resembles a child curling up in a parent’s lap. There is nothing more accepting to this personality than that type of closeness with others, even in the spiritual realm. Christian sanguines see Jesus as their best friend . . . someone they can turn to and lean on when their world is not a happy place. He is also someone to rejoice with when all is good. It isn’t unusual to see a sanguine lost in worship while his or her heart is filled with love.

Spiritual Strength

Unconditional acceptance speaks to the heart of a sanguine. They tend to accept others unconditionally and want to be accepted in the same manner. GRACE . . . it’s all about giving and receiving GRACE. Sometimes giving grace to others lands a sanguine in a situation where others take advantage of him or her, but spiritual maturity usually helps this personality learn how to lovingly and practically deal with such situations. Striking a balance with grace keeps that effervescent smile on a sanguine’s face and a song in his/her heart.

“And if He chose them by GRACE, it is not for the things they have done. If they could be made God’s people by what they did, God’s gift of GRACE would not really be a gift” (Romans 11:6 NCV, Emphasis mine)


Sanguine personalities are all about fun, fun, fun. There are many things about Christianity that don’t appeal to this bright, lively person. They are not drawn to believers who look and act too serious. There ARE personalities who take a serious approach  to spiritual things, but it usually isn’t the enthusiastic sanguine. This sometimes causes sanguine people to appear irreverent and it isn’t always easy for them to dig deep into God’s Word. They tend to be free spirits and it can be hard to see the ultimate freedom Jesus offers in the guidelines He sets forth for living. A Christian sanguine who is struggling with faith benefits greatly from a seasoned believer who will come along beside them and be their friend. A warm heart, an encouraging word, and unconditional love is just what a sanguine needs to feel Jesus’ love here on earth. If these elements are missing from their Christian walk, they may not move beyond a superficial relationship with God.

A Growing Sanguine Christian

For the sanguine wishing to grow spiritually, here are a few hints:

  • Be involved in a fun Bible study that includes bright lively people. We need to be serious about learning about God, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and bog us down with too many details if that isn’t what lights up our hearts. There is nothing wrong with finding a group of  people whose company you enjoy, but DO be sure they are serious about their learning.
  • Find an accountability partner . . . or two or three. Remember, for the sanguine, “the more the merrier.”
  • Don’t give up when the going gets tough. Christianity is not all fun and games, but it IS all about joy when we can stick through the tough times.

I hope this helps understand the sanguine personality’s approach to the God and the Christian life. Next time you are worshiping and see someone with raised arms who is singing loud and, perhaps, with a bit more gusto than you, smile and know that it just may be a sanguine heart full of love for the Lord. Who knows, maybe I’ve just described you! If I have, don’t ever be ashamed of your enthusiasm toward God. You will be one of the ones who really understands and appreciates the worship that will take place when we all meet in heaven.

©2013 Shona Neff



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3 Responses to “Spiritual Personalities, Part 1 – Sanguine”

  1. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    I love worship.

  2. admin Says:

    I think sanguines and melancholies both tend to bask in worship moreso than the typical phleg and choleric. Not a back thing, just a different thing since every personality shines in its own way :)


  3. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    I guess the sanguine part of my blend comes through in my spiritual side. In the kind of church my family goes to, hand lifting’s highly encouraged and I do that. I’m an Assembly of God girl. Church going, Christian music love ,prayer, devotions and some Bible reading are my main distinctly Christian facets. I’ll sing some Christian song I know or play Christian music, sometimes because I just want to and other times, to stop or prevent a bad mood. When I was a kid, I liked nursery church (it was for anyone not in school yet at my childhood church) children’s church, Bible school, this thing called Religious Release through my school had, Christian girl’s club and youth group as a big kid (12 and teen’s the age range at my church).

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