Birthday Party Personalities

Everyone LOVES a party . . . right? Well, not always. Some personalities would rather pass on the party scene full of people and enjoy a less chaotic celebration.

My family just celebrated a cluster of birthdays which provided a great example for this topic. Let’s start with my mother who just celebrated her 80th birthday. It was a nice celebration that provided me great insights into birthday party personalities.

Grandma 80th

My sister is sanguine and LOVES all sorts of gatherings, social events, and parties. She was instrumental in plotting and planning the festivities. That makes sense because sanguine personalities are made for fun . . . and planning fun is super FUN for them! Being spontaneous people, they consider the element of surprise a true spice of life. Sis suggested a SURPRISE party for Mom. However, our mom is melancholy and doesn’t do “unplanned” very well. I suggested to my sister (who lives out of state) that rather than too much surprise, that she, at the very least, let Mom know that she planned to visit around the time of the birthday and then surprise her with the party. That way, Mom could have a visit on her calendar which allowed Mom to plan ahead while still allowing for the surprise party.

There were still a few surprises afoot: Mom had no idea a niece and nephew living out of state were flying in. She also didn’t know that we planned to celebration at my brother’s house with wonderful catered food. Of course, being the melancholy type she knew something was up. Those darned melancholies are often a little too analytical and curious for their own good. She sensed something was up and keeping everything a total secret was impossible. She kept asking questions of all us kids so the element of surprise was compromised to an extent. But, she later expressed appreciation that she wasn’t caught completely off guard. She was glad she was able to finish few projects in anticipation of my sister’s visit.

I recently celebrated a birthday, and my husband kept telling me I needed a party: I told him I didn’t. I’m phlegmatic and social gatherings, even in my honor, can be quite uncomfortable. He kept insisting, and I finally told him that if he planned a party, I would leave. He finally relented much to my relief. Actually we were out of town when my birthday rolled around and that was JUST fine with me. It ended up I got to spend most of the day visitng an out of town friend that I don’t see very often. She treated me to a girlie day I’ll always treasure. Hubs and son took me dancing that evening, and when I had had my fill of people and loud music, we headed home.

When it comes to birthdays a person’s personality has a lot to do with how best to celebrate. If you know the birthday boy or girl’s temperament it can be an invaluable tool. Here are a few tips to remember:

Sanguine personalities tend to love, love, love celebrations. Not only do they relish being the reason FOR the celebration, they enjoy planning parties for other. Thank goodness my sister was in the picture when it came to our mom’s 80th. If it had been up to me, it would have been a quiet (and probably boring) moment easily forgotten in history. That’s one of many differences between a sanguine and phlegmatic. Sanguine = party animal. Phlegmatic =  NOT party animal.

Melancholy personalities fall in the introvert category and don’t do spontaneous very well. They are planners. Our mom was glad she got to plan ahead for my sister’s visit even though she didn’t know about the party. However, being ever so analytical, she figured something was up. You have to be extra sneaky to surprise a melancholy.

Phlegmatics are quiet people. They happily bask in quiet celebrations. It may seem boring to others, but those are treasured times for this introvert.

And last, but not least, the choleric. Parties are not always “practical” endeavors in the choleric mind, but they can enjoy themselves if they are surrounded by friends and people they like. The choleric, however, really shines when doing for others whether it is buying the perfect gift or planning a party (it gives them a mission they can sink their teeth into.) Thank goodness for my brother who has choleric tendencies . . . he took on the role of finding the perfect gift for Mom. She always says she doesn’t want anything, but my brother did a great job finding her the right gift….a new computer.

OK . . . so now you have some insights as to what will really make a birthday guy or gal smile when it comes time for them to celebrate another year on planet Earth. Whether a celebration includes all the bells and whistles, or is a quiet time with a few friends or family, understanding personalities helps find that perfect match.

©2013 Shona Neff

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