Personalities and Fashion: Spring 2013

Personalities and fashion? YES!…they go together like a hand and a glove. Did you know it is possible to identify someone’s personality by just taking a good look at them? Clothing can be a pretty big indicator.

In my last fashion post I just picked clothes that typified the personality look I was going for. However, this time, I chose a theme to show how differently each personality dresses for the same situation. I chose an afternoon out on the town as the backdrop for my choices….maybe lunch, followed by an afternoon at the museum, or shopping with a friend. Thanks to my “go-to” girl, Shilpa, and her associate, Brooke, who helped me find rockin’ styles from the Young Contemporary/Edge department from the Dillards located in the Winrock Center (Albuquerque, NM).


Here is me in the sanguine look. Bright, colorful, and FUN!  I really love this outfit, but as a phlegmatic personality you probably won’t see me frolicking around town in this. It’s a little TOO bright for me, but there are many sanguine women who would wear this outfit around town and feel quite comfortable. They are certain to turn heads in the eye-catching outfit . . . and that is just what a sanguine loves: to be noticed.

Sanguine 2

(Jacket and dress – Chelsea & Violet, Boots – Steve Madden (from the Dillards shoe department that I now own, yay,  Purse – from a very sanguine shelf in the Dillards accessory department.)


Choleric personalities tend to be practical when it comes to their clothing choices and it can be hard to predict when they will dress down or dress up for an afternoon outing. I chose dress-up casual for today’s ensemble. It is bold in color and design that reflects the intensity that typifies the choleric. One very practical aspect of this outfit is the pants. Not only are they are the versatile color of black (can be dressed up or down), but they have a nice leather-type strip on the side of each leg that makes it appropriate in many settings . . . casual or dressy.

Not being of the choleric personality type I had a hard time pulling off “the look”, but hopefully you get the overall picture.

choleric two

(Top – Collective Concepts, Pants – James Jeans)


Pulling off the “melancholy around town” look was SO hard for me since I am so NOT melancholy, but thankfully the sales associate, Brooke, seemed to be melancholy and went right to work. She picked this outfit, and I it is a wonderful representation of a classic melancholy out for the day.

Brooke went straight to this simple yet striking jumpsuit. She wrangled the bangle bracelets off a mannequin because they matched the jumper’s belt PERFECTLY! Just how a melancholy likes it. She accompanied me to the accessory department where we found the necklace that matched the bangles. But, before leaving accessories, Brooke found a hat to top off the melancholy look. She created a perfect look.

Melancholy 2

( Jumpsuit – Gianni Bini, all accessories from Dillards accessories department)


Now we’re talking. I can DO phlegmatic well since that is my primary personality. I picked two outfits, but my friend Shilpa suggested I use this one to show that, even though phlegmatic personalities are drawn to simple and comfortable clothing, we can wear fashionable and edgy outfits while remaining true to a simple and comfortable style. This outfit certainly does that!

Even though they are not visible in this photo, there are silver studs accenting the shoulders of this cropped jacket. They did not stand out too much, but my sanguine side liked the subtle bling. The colors called to me from the hanger . . . I’m naturally drawn to navy and more muted tones crawling all over this outfit. Jeans!… a phlegmatic can never go wrong with a comfortable pair of jeans (unless it’s a MORE comfortable pair of sweats). This ensemble practically dragged me to the wall so I could lean and get comfortable for this photo . . . it was easy for me to give in to the peaceful aura I felt in these clothes.

phlegmatic 2

(Jacket and jeans – Buffalo by David Bitton)

Personalities are everywhere in our daily lives and clothing is just one area where personality differences make themselves known. Don’t forget to consider YOUR personality type when shopping because it are a great tool to prevent you from buying clothes that you love in the store, but won’t wear once you get them home. I love all the outfits I modeled above, but because I know I’m phlegmatic, the only one I’d be comfortable wearing is the low-keyed style that fits my personality. Happy shopping!

(NOTE: Special thanks to Shilpa and Brooke for helping me find great clothes. Please stop by and visit Shilpa, Brookd, and Jazmine at the Winrock Dillard’s location near ABQ Uptown. They lend their expertise to the Young Contemporary/Edge Department. Tell them Shona, the Personality Mechanic sent you.)

©2013 Shona Neff

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