#9: (((Shhhh…..Introverts)))

My last post splashed paint on a broad canvas that told the story of the outgoing and often boisterous extrovert. Today we are going to use a paintbrush to create a portrait of the introverts of the world. Extroverts tend to steal the spotlight on the world’s stage, but without introverts, there would be no show. So, let’s have a look at the #9 on the list of 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities.


The melancholy and phlegmatic are the two introverted personalities.

Energized by Quiet…

One of the big differences between the introvert and the extrovert is their response to external stimulation such as activity and noise. Where as extroverts are energized by lots of external stimulation, introverts are not. They need quiet surroundings to recharge their batteries. Some people mistakenly think that introverts are boring people because they are low-keyed, but the truth is they have a lot going on INTERNALLY. They are easily overwhelmed when they experience stimulation coming from outside as well as inside.

Melancholy personalities are thinkers: they analyze, they process, and they plan.  The phlegmatic, on the other hand, is a ponderer. They tend to mull things over in their heads as opposed to conducting serious analysis like the melancholy. There is a lot of internal stimulation going on inside the mind of the typical melancholy and phlegmatic. When we understand that, it is easier to see why they tend to seek out peace and quiet when it comes to external stimulation. This also helps see that introverts are not dull, it just takes a little more digging to see their light shine . . . and shine it does when we time to look beneath the surface.

…Drained by People

People sometimes mistakenly think all introverts are shy. Although some truly are, many are not. Take me for example: I love people, but often prefer solitary activities. I never felt shy, but when people pressed I would reluctantly assign myself that “label”, although it didn’t feel right and no one believed me, but I didn’t know any better. Then I learned about introverts . . . and discovered that I was one!! The part that provided my biggest AHA moment was when I learned that introverts are drained by people. That made total sense and described me perfectly. When I attend a conference or any large gathering of people (including small family get-to-gathers), my sanguine side helps me socialize just fine, but when activities come to an end, I must retreat to my quiet cave for a few days to recharge my people-drained battery.

Introverts may not often be thought of as belonging in the category of “beautiful people” or “cool cats”, but they ARE very active behind the scenes using their fine paintbrush to color the world with their quiet contributions to society’s canvas. Do the names Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Socrates, C.S Lewis, Ludwig van Beethoven, or Jane Austen ring any bells?

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