#8: Extroverts!

Everyone wants to be an extrovert because the world tends to be made for these high-energy personalities…after all, aren’t they the ones that make the world go around? Aren’t they the “cool” people? Of the four personality types I deal with (sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic) the sanguine and choleric are the extroverts. So, what exactly IS an extrovert? We’ll explore that as we focus on #8 of of our list of 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities.


Energized by People and Activity

Contrary to what many people think makes an extrovert such as outgoing, talkative, and full of energy, those traits are a manifestation of what extroverts are all about. They are energized by people and activities, and that, in turn, makes them outgoing, talkative, energetic, etc. Take, for example, a typical extrovert during a work week. They can work 40 hours in a week and be totally ready to have a quiet Friday evening. However, if something involving people (like a party) or a mission (someone needs furniture moved) pops up, they happily jump at the chance to DO something.

Being around people or accomplishing something recharges the sanguine and choleric extroverts battery.

The Sanguine Extrovert

The sanguine extrovert is full of fun, thus lively activities help them recharge. A physically tired sanguine rarely passes up an opportunity to play . . . no matter his or her age. Whether it is attending a youthful soiree or getting a little raucous at the senior bowlers league, it doesn’t matter to a sanguine as long as it’s lively, entertaining, and full of fun.

The Choleric Extrovert

The choleric extrovert, like the sanguine, is energized by activity. However, the sanguine likes FUN activity while the choleric prefers PURPOSEFUL endeavors. They also have different approaches to people. Sanguine extroverts like for play to define their interaction with people while the choleric prefers to use people to accomplish tasks. Being a born leader, this type of extrovert is more likely to be energized by working WITH or LEADING people than engaging in entertaining fun with them. It’s not bad, it’s just different from their sanguine counterpart.

The Good . . . and the Not So Good

Extroverts are viewed as the movers and shakers that make the world go round. They tend to be successful, considered the “cool” or “beautiful” people, and often to excel in reality shows requiring a social game. However, they can also be the most obnoxious people at a party or in the workplace when they lack self-discipline (talking too much or being bossy) or think too highly of themselves (as in spotlight hungry or self-centered). Of course, there is hope for those overwhelming extroverts: if they know what their personality it is easier to identify the weaknesses they display and then address them.

Although experts vary in their percentages of extroverts in the population (anywhere from 50-75%), it’s safe to say that there are more extroverts in the world than introverts. Join me next time when we take a closer look at introverts.

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