#6: Many Personalities Can Be Identified By Visual Clues

When I worked at my friend’s dry cleaner, I knew what to expect from many customers the minute they walked through the door. I didn’t need to hear their voices or take time to size them up. It was all in the way they presented themselves: clothing, colors, hair, and demeanor spoke volumes to me because I understood personalities.

Today, we area going to talk about the visual clues that so often give up someone’s personality before a word passes between two people. That is our focus for #6 in the series #10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities.


Before diving into the visual clues of each of the four personality types, it is important to know that, although assessing someone visually can be very accurate, it isn’t fool proof. Sometimes it takes observing the behavioral signs along with the visual signs to get a proper reading on who someone is.


Oh my, THIS is the place to start!! Of all the personalities, sanguine people tend to the be the easiest to identify when it comes to a visual assessment. They tend to love love LOVE bright colors and bling…especially the women. And accessories! Sanguine women LOVE accessories like 3-ft tall purses made out of “astronaut” silver . . . and big enough for the kitchen sink and all the other “must-have” items they carry. They also must be colorful enough to blind the average person.

Here’s a picture of my super-sanguine niece. The color black isn’t so indicative of a sanguine, but when the black is covered from head to toe in sequins and accessorized with golden glitter shoes and a giant bow atop it all, that screams SANGUINE.

alycia sanguine outfit

Sanguine guys can be just a outrageous as the girls, but their “sanguiness” often takes the form of fun socks, blinding ties, suspenders (whether they have droopy drawers or not), and maybe hats. My son is pretty sanguine in his appearance, but his dinosaur jams totally crack me up!! Who, but a sanguine would sleep in dino-jams……and who, but a partially sanguine mom, would model them in his absence?!!


(Did I mention my son is in college?….we have a lot of fun with his sanguine jams and isn’t that what this personality is all about…FUN?)


Choleric personalities are not as easy to identify as the sanguine because they tend to dress practical. Whatever they are doing usually dictates what they wear. If they are hunting, they dress in camo. If they have a job, they will dress accordingly. If they are going to the gym, they usually dress in practical shorts and a tee-shirt. They are at the gym to sweat and NOT to dress in cute trendy things like a sanguine is inclined. Not too long ago my choleric son was so intense about his workouts that he actually wore a gas mask to the gym to simulate high-altitude training. If you ever see someone wearing a gas-mask in the gym, you’re either doomed . . . or observing a visual clue indicating a choleric in your midst.


One of the best ways to identify a choleric visually is watch how they carry themselves. They usually carry themselves in a confident manner,  often are heavy walkers, they pound desk and table tops for emphasis or to make a point, and they often display intense facial expressions….you know, the infamous scowl that many choleric personalities are known for.


Upon visual inspection of a melancholy personality you notice a very organized individual. The always look neat and tidy even when wearing sweats. Just yesterday I had a group of girlfriends over. One of them is a classic melancholy and, even though she was wearing sweats, she looked like a million dollars! She wore a beautiful scarf due to blustery weather. When she took the scarf off there was a classy silver necklace. Her hair was fixed and looked nothing like weekend hair. Men tend display the same neat and tidy appearance that the women do. Not surprisingly, my friend didn’t want me to take her photo (they are a little more camera shy than sanguines) so I simulated her classy black sweatshirt and necklace look.


Both melancholy men and women’s surroundings are an extensions of who they are. Upon entering a melancholy house, everything is clean and well-organized. Their cars are usually clean. When hopping in the melancholy drivers carpool, you will not find empty french-fry boxes or random trash, because they keep their cars immaculate. Now, this isn’t an appearance thing, but IF you ARE in a melancholy carpool, you’ll probably receive instructions on how to help KEEP their car clean.


Remember I mentioned my melancholy friend came over looking great in her sweats and nice accessories? Well, I greeted her with holey jeans and unbrushed hair. Comfortable . . . that’s what dominates most of the visual clues for the phlegmatic personality. When my friends came over I was dressed for the weekend, but then again, I dress for the weekend when I can during the weekdays, too! The phlegmatic personality tends to enjoy the simple things in life. They dress very plain and if they accessorize, it usually isn’t with the flamboyant enthusiasm of the sanguine. Phlegmatics are drawn to more quiet accessories like smaller earrings, plain belts, and nondescript colors. Being the chameleon of the  personality world, they would rather blend in than stand out. Plus, they would rather be comfortable and rarely sacrifice comfort for appearances sake.

I recently when shopping and bought this very phlegmatic outfit . . . a holey pair of comfortable guy jeans and a “teddy-bear” soft tee shirt. Phlegmatic personalities love outfits that scream “COMFORTABLE AND NON-BINDING!!!”

phlegmatic outfit

Understanding the types of clothes, body language, and surroundings that characterize each of the four personality types is a great start to identifying those around you. However, remember that even though visual observations can be quite accurate, sometimes is it good to see if the behavior matches the visual clues. That is when you can make the most accurate assessment of those you meet.

(c) 2013 Shona Neff


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