#1: Each Personality is Uniquely Wonderful

Did you see my post 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities?

The next series of posts is going to go into a little more detail about each of the 10 Things. Today we’re going to learn more about #1 on the list of 10: Why each personality is uniquely wonderful.

Plenty to go Around

There is no one like you. Oh, don’t get me wrong, you are part of a world filled with billions of people that all, for the most part, fall within the four personality types. It may seem that there needs to be more personality types to choose from because how can such a small number available accommodate such a huge population and still have ONE person be SO unique? Well, it works. Here’s how:

Even if two people have the same primary personality type, they have different life experiences that work in tandem with their inherent personality which shapes them into the person they are. In addition to different life experiences, they may or may not share the same personality blend. For example, my husband and son are both choleric dominant. Both are powerful and can be quite blunt. However, hubs secondary blend is melancholy and while my son enjoys a sanguine blend. My husband tends to be a little more task oriented while the sanguine’s FUN side sometimes curtails my son’s ability/desire to get certain things done in a way as quickly as hubs would like him too. So, even though my hubby and son share the same primary choleric personality, their secondary blends create two uniquely choleric men.

Sometimes two people will share the same blend. My youngest son and I are both phlegmatic and sanguine blends. However, he is sanguine dominant, and I am phlegmatic dominant. Even though we share the same personality blend, we are quite different. We are both good examples of the blend, but our traits are manifest differently. That allows us to be wonderfully and uniquely us.

Waah, I Don’t Feel Wonderful!

In the personality business I run into people who do not like the personality they have. This most often comes from melancholy people. This personality is the most sensitive and also falls into the introvert category. Introverts are not understood by most people . . . including themselves! That sensitivity coupled with not understanding who they are makes it hard to feel wonderful. All the personalities have strengths and weaknesses, but many melancholy people develop a laser type focus on their shortcomings while observing the the strengths of everyone else. No matter what personality you are and when you get down on yourself that is the time to discover and embrace who you are.

Sanguine people don’t feel wonderful when it seems the world is against them or they have no friends, but they ARE wonderful because they make the world a fun place in their own unique way. Cholerics feel less than wonderful when it seems they have not accomplished anything in a long time, but sometimes they forget that they are the go-getters that keep the world spinning even if they don’t have a major accomplish daily. Melancholies think the world is crumbling if they don’t reach perfection, but they need to remember than the world is a more beautiful place because of their wonderful eye for detail and creativity. And phlegmatics are the glue that keep the world from falling apart . . . they are the ones who embody the idea of “let there be peace on earth”.

Yes, no two people are alike and we are all uniquely wonderful. If you don’t feel wonderful, step back and take a good look at who are and what personality you were gifted with when you were born. Trust me, you have a great personality and you rock!!

©2013 Shona Neff

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