The Entertaining World of Christmas Ornament Personalities

After letting it sit around naked for a couple of days, I finally got around to decorating my poor bare tree. At least the factory attached lights kept it from total embarrassment. As I pulled out the decorations for the “fun” tree this year…the set of ornaments that includes ALL the goofy ornaments my two “twenty-something” boys picked in a yearly ritual when they were young…the parade of personalities that emerged from the boxes kept me entertained.


So, what spirited sanguine could resist THIS jolly, rotund man dressed in bright red sledding down a slope full of frozen fun! I must confess that my sanguine side fell in love with this crazy ornament when I was shopping for an ornament exchange last Christmas. I loved it so much I stole the sledding Santa during the exchange and came home with him. Shhh…don’t tell.

Of course, what sanguine wouldn’t want to encounter this fun reindeer with peppermint stick antlers and a bucket full of candy dangling from his mouth!! Both my boys have a pretty strong sanguine streak so now TWO goofy reindeer hang on our fun tree.

 OK…indulge me. I know there are a lot of examples of sanguine ornaments, but they are so comical it was hard to choose just one. So, here is the last example. These whimsical dinosaurs would appeal to most youngsters. However, the fact that they remain my sons’ favorites after ALL these years speaks to the sanguine streak that still exists in them both. These silly things still crack ME up after all these years.


If you have a choleric in your home, this makes perfect sense. What choleric Christmas tree would be complete without a powerful triceratops? My husband and my oldest son are very proud of their choleric heritage . . . they love this prehistoric beast. What’s left to say? It is what is it . . . and it makes me smile every time I pull Mr. Three Horn from his box.


Remember I said this year is for the fun tree? Well, my pretty tree is a melancholy dream. Oh my, I have some gorgeous ornaments for my pretty tree.I’m not a melancholy, but I do love a sophisticated tree adorned with detailed Christmas balls, gold crosses, and a beautiful crown that reminds me that Christmas is a celebration of Christ. I ended up digging into my “pretty” box to find an ornament for a melancholy sample. I like this ornament, but most melancholies ADORE ornaments with such detail and elegance –  a beautiful sight to behold.


Lastly, we have the phlegmatic ornament. Phlegmatic is my primary personality, and I LOVE this simple ornament. Sure, he has some glitter, but I love gazing at his muted colors and pleasant aura. Doesn’t he look like a warm, inviting guy despite being made of snow? Only a phlegmatic ornament can draw people in with his easy-going expression and make them want to join him in the tree.

As you decorate your home and tree this Christmas, I hope you will enjoy seeing the personalities that surround your season. And, if there are a lot of different personalities under the same roof don’t be surprised if your tree becomes a menagerie that creates a smorgasbord for the eyes. And just a quick reminder, don’t  forget to rejoice in the little Baby that was born in the manger.

©2012 Shona Neff

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