Trouble is a Brewin’ – Part 3, The Perfect People

Most people know, in their hearts, that nobody is perfect, but there are some people who haven’t quite settled that thought in their heads. This often sets the sensitive, deep-feeling melancholy up for a disappointment.

Most people want their homes to look presentable. Many people, when entertaining others in their homes or preparing for holiday festivities, expect much more . . . they envision perfection. Not only do they want their homes to look like a magazine cover, but they expect their holiday celebrations to look like the meticulously arranged photo on a greeting card! Trouble is a brewin’ for all who step into the world of a melancholy who strives to achieve the idealistic, but not realistic, world of perfection.

The Picture of Perfection

Melancholies tend to have a high standard in everything they do. This is not a bad thing, however, until they don’t live up to their expectations which causes them to be too hard on themselves. When a melancholy personality turns this trait outwards, he or she becomes overly critical of others who fail to meet their expectations. This creates an uncomfortable atmosphere that engulfs everyone involved. When this type of environment exists it puts a damper in the workplace, the family, and especially holiday celebrations. The best way for a melancholy struggling in this area to overcome is to learn to be flexible when it comes to expectations. They don’t need to lower their standard, but rather, they need to understand that it is OK when they, or those around them, fall short of perfection. The world will not spin off its axis, and life will go on.

Shine as Only You Can

The world is a more beautiful place because of all the melancholies in the world. No one appreciates a gorgeous sunset or  music choreographed with dancing melodies and harmonies. They often create the artistic beauties we all enjoy such as paintings. When a melancholy person can relax his or her expectations a special kind of magic is created.  Whether it is quietly acknowledging others with a deep gratitude, sharing a meticulously detailed craft, or hosting a dinner or a holiday celebration, they can touch others with their depth of feeling and appreciation.

It isn’t always easy for the perfection-seeking melancholy to get to that point of magic, but when they start to relax they make everyone around them feel special. That is definitely the atmosphere people want to experience. Relaxing relieves melancholies from the pressure of perfection, and it saves those around them from being in the cross-hairs of a critical eye.

To hear a first-hand account of overcoming the trouble that can brew, my wonderfully melancholy friend shares her discovery of letting go of perfection in a recent post. Click here to read Melanie Dorsey’s revelation.

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