Workplace Personalities, Part 2 – Who is Bossy Breeches?

If you’ve read my column regularly for a while you probably know what personality this is . . . the CHOLERIC! If you are new to this column, be ready to learn about the bossy breeches at your workplace.

Born Leader

The choleric people of the world are the natural born leaders. They are born looking for someone or situation to control and spend a lifetime meeting that goal. I affectionately use the term “bossy breeches” to describe this temperament, but they can be great leaders. The tricky part of this personality in the workplace is that when they are in charge of lazy people or people who don’t care . . . the choleric often gets a bad rap when expecting people to do what they are suppose to do. Yes, sometimes they are overly controlling, but other times they are just doing what needs doing to get a job done.

Goal Oriented

When you need a job done fast? . . .  who ya gonna call? . . . .A CHOLERIC! When on the job, this worker, manager, or whoever is the one who will get a job done or “die” trying. I’m not a historian but General George S. Patton had an incredible advance toward the Battle of the Bulge in War World II. To read the account is to see a choleric with a goal.

Say What?

One thing that typifies a choleric is that they will say what’s on their mind. They don’t always speak with diplomacy (that is more the phlegmatic’s role), but they say what is on everyone’s mind but that no one has the guts to say. This can be a little hard to deal with on the job, but it is worth listening to. As I was looking around the Internet in search of information on Gen. Patton, I ran across another notable general, General Matthew Bunker Ridgway. I stumbled on to the obituary of this incredible leader and had to chuckle at all the choleric undertones. If you are interested you can click this link to his obituary. Again, on the job, other goal-oriented people will LOVE a choleric employee or manager, but this blunt speaker often draws complaints from those he is in charge of.

The Shining Stars

The intense manner of the choleric makes them shine in high-pressure positions. They are quick thinkers which helps them excel in emergency situations or jobs that require quick and good decision making skills. So, what are some of the workplace positions that are well suited to this personality?

  • Entrepreneur
  • General
  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic
  • Police Officer
  • Dictator (had to stick that recommendation from another person’s suggestions)
  • Construction Foreman
  • Project Leader (of anything!)
  • Mixed Martial Artist (MMA)
  • Military Man or Woman

Stay Away!

There are careers that choleric personalities do best if they avoid. Here are a few:

  • Counselor
  • Accountant
  • Receptionist
  • Public Relations
  • Ballerina (I just had to throw something really froo-frooish in)

Choleric personalities are wonderful and the world goes round because of these people . . .  can you imagine a world full of only sanguines and phlegmatics? It would be fun and diplomatic, but nothing would ever get done.) I would tell you to give your choleric boss or co-worker a hug, but that might be like hugging a rosebush. Acknowledge his or her hard work and let them know you appreciate all they do.

©2012 Shona Neff


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  1. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    My mom said she could kind of imagine me a receptionist once. I’m a mixture of choleric and sanguine, based on personality testing. The one’s not good for that, but the other is. I have other career interests, though. Web work’s something I could do. I took a web design class and a technical writing class in college. I’m a fan fiction writer and the technical writing class shows is what I write. My titles are magazinish in a good way and they’re written like something you might see in one.

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