True That! – The Sit-in-the-Shade Phlegmatic

You can’t make a place for yourself under the sun if you keep sitting in the shade of a tree.

Are you laid back or lazy? Phlegmatic personalities tend to the be the most laid back of the four temperaments. That’s not a bad thing when they are being productive. However, when the laid-back behavior crosses over into laziness there is a problem.

Phlegmatic people have as much ability to succeed as the next personality as long as they don’t develop rigor mortis sitting under the lazy shade of a tree (or eating bon bons on the couch while the TV blares, wallowing in bed, or growing roots in front of a computer…etc.).

If you have a phlegmatic in your life, find what motivates them. My youngest son has quite a bit of phlegmatic in his system and he enjoys his down time . . . sometimes a little too much. However, when he finds something he thinks is fun (feeding his sanguine parts) he is very motivated. He loves, loves, loves science and technology and is seeking a degree in mechanical engineering. Upon returning home for the summer he announced that he wants to design and build a fouton, bunk bed. I love hearing my choleric/melancholy husband and phlegmatic/sanguine son planning this project. The son is engaged and the father is encouraging and equipping.

If YOU are phlegmatic and find yourself sitting in the shade of a tree a little too much, dig deep and get going. What motivates you? Where are displaying weakness in your personality. I am motivated by my faith and much of what I do is done out of obedience to God. I must admit that takes me places you don’t find many phlegmatic personalities: speaking in front of groups and doing radio.

I know one of my weaknesses is my propensity to be a hermit. I dig deep and work socializing into my system. I belong to a BUNCO group that meets weekly . . . and I like it. I also play in a women’s summer golf league. I dig DEEP for that because I don’t know that many ladies and I’m not great golfer. I know how painful some social situations can be for a phlegmatic, but it is important to work a little fun and fellowship into our lives so that shade-tree rigor mortis doesn’t set in.

The phlegmatic personality loves the quiet shade of a tree, but “true that” that stepping out into the sun of life is important, too.

©2012 Shona Neff

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