TurboFire® and Beach Bodies vs Camp Fires and Kumbaya

Okay, I admit it: I hate to exercise. But, it usually is a regular part of my life . . . mainly for health reasons. I certainly don’t pursue breathless escapade and stinging sweat gushing in my eyes because I like it. For me, it’s a personality thing.

As a phlegmatic, I’d rather just be blessed with hot body DNA than have to work out in the hopes one will miraculously appear. Too bad sitting at the computer, reading, playing on my iPhone, and just getting out of bed aren’t cardio enough. Slow and easy is the perfect exercise regiment for a phlegmatic type like me. Maybe you can relate.

After taking a three month break, I am trying to get back into an exercise routine and, after being highly recommended by my friend Sara, I’m am trying the TurboFire® program. I hate it! Oh, not because it isn’t good, but because it is SO not me. There is not one phlegmatic thing on that DVD.

Let me explain. First off, all my DVD classmates have fixed their hair! As a phlegmatic, I don’t like expending energy to do my hair . . . especially when I’m just going to sweat all over it! My exercise “do” probably looks more Medusa-esque than the cute pony-tails bouncing on the heads of my female peers.

Another thing I struggle with (and this is true of ANY exercise program, not just TurboFire®) is that I am totally surrounded by sanguine exercise personalities! They smile while bouncing around and kicking at the air. They all, and I mean ALL, wear electric neon colors that blind me when I finally succeed in wiping the sweat out of my eyes. Heaping insult onto my already blown exercise ego, they LOVE what they are doing! After the workout the video producers interviewed some of my TV classmates. So, I’m sitting there with my now-sweaty Medusa hair trying to sooth what is left of my ego, and these people yodel about all the FUN they had! Uh, sorry, I missed that.

This is where the desire for a camp fire and kumbaya welled up in my saggy, baggy, and beaten to the ground body of uncoordination. Why, oh why doesn’t inactivity bring on the beach body?

As if it wasn’t enough to survive the smiley sanguines, I had to endure the intense choleric interviews. Oh…my…gosh! If I could have found the remote, click, the insanity would have stopped. But alas, I had to endure again. It’s a good thing phlegmatics are naturally good listeners because I really wanted to tune them out. These choleric people actually drooled all over themselves talking about how good it feels to sweat. Ew, no! Not for us phlegmatic personalities. Camp FIRE, camp FIRE, rah, rah, rah!

There are a few choleric workout addicts in my family so I should have seen that coming. They run (and sweat). One even works out in a gas mask to create high-altitude training and reserves every Thursday afternoon for truck pushing sessions with his workout buddies.   Personally, I’d rather sit behind the driver’s seat of those four-wheeled things. Choleric personalities are intense and devoted to their workouts.

As for melancholies? Well, they probably are better exercisers than me and my fellow phlegmatics. That’s because they tend to be health conscious and task oriented.

So, if you are an anti-exercising, sweat-avoiding phlegmatic like me . . . hang in there. I’ve exercised enough that I have seen and felt the benefits. I also have it on good authority that, once I get used to it, I’ll like TurboFire® and desire it over campfires and kumbaya. I’m counting on that, Sara!

©2012 Shona Neff

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  1. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    I know I’ve probably mentioned this already, but my motivational speech giving Twitter friend seems choleric in his workout attitude since he’s a fitness buff and does triathlons. He did one last month and won his division.

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