Santa Claus: More Than a Jolly Old Soul

Christmas is only a week away. First and foremost, it is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, the man in the red suit is on a lot of people’s minds, too. Just who is this festive fellow beneath the silvery beard, wisps of Fabio-rivaling hair, and luxurious suit? Is it possible to get inside the famous personality?

The well-known song, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, gives some insight into this elusive character:

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Lean your ear this way, Don’t you tell a single soul, What I’m going to say

Obviously, the song writer alerts us to the fact that Santa Claus must be part sanguine. Combining the description “jolly” with other things we know about this beloved man, we are aware that he has a distinctive laugh: HO HO HO. Sanguine personalities LOVE to laugh, and like the man in red, they are also good natured.

Mr. Claus is known for his generosity. He has quite a reputation in this area because of his incredible travels around the world every year around this time. Yes, I do believe there is quite a bit of sanguine in this jolly old soul. (NOTE: I hope Santa didn’t tell a single soul what was said because sanguine people have a hard time keeping a secret.)

As with most personalities, there is a blend at work in old St. Nick. I’m pretty sure he has a touch of choleric flowing through his veins. Who else could accomplish such a daunting task as traveling around the world in one night delivering treasures to so many people? And, who else would attempt the impossible feat of getting such a robust physique down a narrow chimney? Not only is the choleric personality characterized by tackling huge challenges, but they can usually find a way to succeed. Yep, let’s give this one to Kris Kringle, too.

Santa Claus is an amazing figure. So amazing, in fact, that he is another blend! Let’s throw some melancholy in the mix. In the well-known song, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, it talks about a list. Melancholy personalities LOVE lists. And, they check them once, twice, and often three times. I’ll bet Santa checks his list more than twice, but to specify that too much in the song would be overkill. Another thing that clues in to this amazing fellow is that he is very organized. I’ll never figure out how he keeps packages and parcels neatly stacked for easy access for his middle-of-the-night deliveries, but only a melancholy can pull that off!

Okay, as if it isn’t enough that this incredible delivery guy has a THREE-WAY blend, let’s go ahead and add a fourth . . . phlegmatic. Why? Well, who else do you know that can sit in so many places, for so many hours, and listen to so many kids as they rattle off their Christmas list? Yes, once again, the man in the red suit wins.

He is patient. He tends to be diplomatic. The Grinch (of stealing Christmas fame) tapped into this Santa trait when he met Cindy Lou Who. The green grouch must have done his research before impersonating Santa, because right before he stuffs Who family tree up the chimney, little Cindy Lou Who interrupts and asks why he is taking the tree. Quick as a flash, Mr. Grinch does a fabulous impersonation of Santa, tells her a light is out, and he is going to fix it. It was a masterful, albeit deceitful, way to achieve his shenanigans on unsuspecting victims of Whoville–imitating Santa’s diplomatic tendencies.

Santa Claus is jolly, but he is much, much more. No wonder he gets such accolades. Although it is possible for us average folk to display traits of all four personalities, Santa is legendary because he displays the solid traits of them all!

©2011 Shona Neff

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