Personalities and Thanksgiving Potluck

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. It seems appropriate to explore each personality and the way they approach big, potluck gatherings. If your house is anything like mine, you never know what personalities will show up.

Many families choose a buffet-style, pot-luck meal that accommodates the large number of people that gather in one place. This is a great idea and works well. However, keep the different personalities in mind. Celebrations with lots of people are a lot like the annual migrations of the wildebeest: full of adventures.


Sanguine personalities contributing food are usually late. A good tool to use with them is giving them an artificially early time to arrive. This strategy assures that the “on-time” food brought by melancholy and choleric guests does not get cold or grow mold by the time the late guests arrive. Sanguine cooks tend to bring fun foods. I once had a pudding dessert brought to my Thanksgiving meal that was in a planter. It had crushed Oreo cookies for dirt and was full of gummy worms for effect. Yes, a creative sanguine blessed us with this unconventional dish.


When you invite any choleric personalities to your turkey day shindig, expect them to take over. They will take over where they see a need or where they think they can do it better. This includes, but is not limited to, putting the food out, setting up tables, chasing off little people who get in the way of any activity, cleaning up the food, making sure everyone in attendance leaves with food. I suggest you just get out of their way and let them accomplish things. Oh yeah, at the end of the day tell them how much appreciate all the work they did.


The melancholy people attending a potluck bring GREAT food. It is pretty and everyone asks for their recipes (but don’t expect the sanguines to get home with the recipe or the phlegmatics to ever make it . . . ain’t gonna happen.) This personality may seem a little stand-offish during the affair since they are easily drained by hordes of people. You’ll find them quietly helping the hostess organize things before and after the meal. After that, you may find them quietly reading a book in a quiet room. Please don’t think that a solitary melancholy is not having fun at your fiesta . . . they just have a quiet way of enjoying special occasions.


Attending big celebrations full of noise and people can be downright painful for phlegmatic personalities. This is me. I usually enjoy such gatherings once I arrive, but I always dread them. Unless I have a purpose to be in a large group, I am very uncomfortable. Also, it doesn’t take long for this personality to have their fill of family and friends. It isn’t that we are stuck up or think we are better than everyone else — we are easily drained and need to get away. One other thing, since this personality is a natural “couch potato”, don’t think Uncle Bubba or Cousin Wanda is trying to anti-social or avoid work when they curl up in front of the TV and start snoring: share a smile and give ’em a hug when they head home at the end of the festivities.

Remember, if you are part of large Thanksgiving celebration this year that you will encounter all kinds of personalities. This is a time for being thankful for the many blessings in our lives. Let’s not be judge people, nag them, or find fault. Neither should we should, no matter our personality, be inconsiderate of family and friends or expect others to do all the work. Let your understanding of personalities help tolerant others better while, at the same time, operate beyond your own weaknesses and show consideration to those around you.

©2011 Shona Neff

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  1. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    I think that sanguine dessert could be dirt cake. My mom made that when I was a kid. Though an introverted type, I guess she was thinking kid food. It was a recipe she got from somewhere. I help with a girl’s club and maybe could take a dirt cake to that.

  2. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    My mom tested as the introverted personality blend as I once said, and she made the dirt cake for my class. That how I guessed she was thinking kid food.

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