Surviving Holidays Personalities – Part 1

Thanksgiving is next week, and Christmas is just around the corner. Most of us greet the holidays with giddy anticipation often mixed with a little dread. Festive gatherings stir a variety of personalities together and sometimes the results are explosive.

In this two-part series, I provide some personality tools to take the dread out of the holidays and equip you with understanding. So make yourself comfortable and get ready to learn about the holiday personalities dancing around the Thanksgiving turkey and the Christmas tree. You may even learn how to make yourself easier to be around in the process.

The Holiday Sanguine

Sanguine personalities are a time keeper’s nightmare. They tend to be late for everything and it’s difficult for them to follow a schedule. Holiday Sanguine wants to do it all…bake cookies for every event, run the church Christmas pageant, and whatever else they can’t say “no” to. And because they love to shop, they will buy Christmas gifts for immediate family, first and second cousins, third cousins twice removed, and the lonely widow down the street. They often spend more than they should but, bless their hearts, they are generous people who would benefit from a financial manager.

Keys to surviving the Holiday Sanguine:

· Don’t be offended if they show up late to your party or dinner

· If holiday budgets are tight, don’t let them shop alone

· Recognize their emotional need for fun like attending holiday functions and being the life of the party

· Encourage them to prioritize holiday activities so they don’t get over scheduled

The Holiday Choleric

Choleric personalities are the movers and shakers. Holiday parades, lawn decorations, and pre-lit Christmas trees all exist because one Holiday Choleric is like an entire group of Santa’s elves on a mission. Holiday Choleric likes to be in charge and accomplish things. My husband has our Christmas lights up the weekend after Thanksgiving and down the day after Christmas. When preparing food, Holiday Choleric food flexes his or her mission-minded, culinary muscle in the kitchen and is quite capable of whipping up a meal for a thousand guests without breaking a sweat. This personality likes things done efficiently and will get a little prickly if someone gets in the way. Holiday Choleric isn’t usually as outwardly festive and social as Holiday Sanguine, but they enjoy the season in their own “scowly” way. God bless these gruff personalities with hidden hearts of gold.

Keys to surviving Holiday Choleric:

· Don’t be offended if they aren’t as warm and fuzzy as your mittens or the Holiday Sanguine in your family

· If they are on a mission, stay out of their way

· Recognize their need for control and accomplishment

· Acknowledge them for all the things they do to make the holidays special

Join me for part-two of this series when we learn how to survive the holidays with  melancholy and phlegmatic family and friends.

©2011 Shona Neff

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