On the Road with Personalities – Part 2 – Viva Las Vegas!

In part one of this two-part series we explored the sanguine and choleric personalities on the Las Vegas strip. Today the melancholy and phlegmatic tourists take center stage.

Melancholy Musings

Is it possible that something in the sanguine land of bling, flashing lights, and noise, would appeal to this quiet, organized personality? Believe it or not, there is! Traipsing through the loud, smoke-filled casinos easily overwhelms this sensitive, quiet-loving personality. However, when we sauntered through the Roman-influenced shopping mall of Cesar’s Palace, it seemed to be an atmosphere than this personality could relate. I don’t know if it was typical, but when strolled through it was not as raucous as most places along The Strip. There were some lovely pieces of art that could easily catch the melancholy traveler’s eye:

This statue and the above artwork are easily enjoyed by all the personality types, but, when you travel with a melancholy, remember to seek out such things of beauty. This beauty-loving tourist tends to enjoy museums, art galleries, or even a quiet stroll on a beach at sunset.

While we were in Las Vegas we attended the stage version of The Lion King. Any personality can enjoy a good production, but this is an activity that makes most melancholy people (especially women) giddy. If possible, add something like this to your itinerary if you travel with this personality.

The Ever-Watching Plegmatic

Now for the phlegmatic take on Las Vegas as experienced by me. As a typical phlegmatic, I watched and pondered.

I watched people. The thing that really caught my attention was shoes. Why did so many women wear high-heeled shoes walking up and down Las Vegas Boulevard? Oh yeah, The Strip is full of sanguine women who often choose style and appearance over comfort. Phlegmatic walkers usually opt for comfort. I wore my tennis shoes everywhere. And . . . when I found a moving walkway I got giddy:

I also like the escalators that are common. Reason one is obvious in that it helped me avoid plodding up and down stationary stairs. The second reason, and perhaps the most important reason, is that I didn’t have to cross busy city streets:

Phlegmatic people, especially when traveling, often experience anxiety. It may be more pronounced in some than in others. I have a touch of it. I was thrilled that The Strip offered many walk-ways connecting casinos/hotels separated by busy roadways. That soothed my nerves.

If you travel with a phlegmatic (especially if you are sanguine or choleric) remember that they may be more hesitant to try new things. It doesn’t mean they won’t be adventurous, but it may take a some gentle convincing. Another strategy to make your vacation less stressful for this peaceful person is to help them make decisions as to what activities to do. This personality tends to be indecisive and is easily overwhelmed when everyone looks to them when making plans.

Traveling is stressful no matter your personality. However, by using these travel tools to understand others helps reduce some of that stress. Happy travels!

©2011 Shona Neff

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