On the Road with Personalities – Viva Las Vegas! – Part 1

My hubby and I recently visited the Las Vegas strip. Are you at all surprised that much of my sight-seeing adventures had me looking for personalities buzzing around us? I made one discovery that I’ll share up front . . . Las Vegas is “Land of the Sanguines!” However, I also saw evidence of the other three personalities in varying degrees. So, let’s jump right in and discover the personalities — Las Vegas style.

The Festive Sanguine

The glitz, the bling, the blinking lights, and ringing bells of the Strip were made for the sanguine personality. Not only do they love the loud and shiny, but they enjoy diving in and swimming in the sea of people. There is so much to do that this energetic traveler can play around the clock . . . literally!

I could have taken photos anywhere on The Strip, but when I saw this store in one of the many malls, I knew this was the image I had to capture:

I did not realize this much shiny chaos could come together without exploding. I had to put my sunglasses on just to keep from being blinded by the bling. Here’s a different angle:

If you can look at these images without being blinded (while salivating at the same time), there is a good chance you are a sanguine personality. Another sign you could be sanguine is if you wear high-heeled shoes and rhinestone-studded dresses at 10am in the morning.

One other thing that amazed me about the sanguine visitors to The Strip was their ability to have fun no matter the hour, no matter the crowd, and no matter what they were doing. Yes, the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas Boulevard certainly suits the sanguine.

The Mission-Minded Choleric

Since my husband is choleric, I secretly watched him to see what part of Las Vegas Strip captivated him. It wasn’t easy. He did like the giant bull crashing through the restaurant based on bull riding. I can see why, it takes a lot of power to crash through a building:

He thought that it was cool, but, from his lack of passion, I knew there had to be something else. Neither of us are gamblers, but when we needed to rest our feet we played some penny slots. Hubby’s mission was not to lose money and he did well. We went home only six dollars in the hole.

However, on our last evening I found my choleric husband’s passion on The Strip: we attended the stage show, The Lion King —  when we left the building, it was dark. Not only was it dark, but it was Halloween. We found ourselves surrounded by an unusual amount of strangeness. That is when a choleric passion presented itself.

The man-on-mission grabbed my hand and started weaving in and out of the traffic . . . people traffic that is. In addition to his role of parting the people, he had to make sure his people-watching, phlegmatic wife (me) didn’t get run over as I gawked at abundance of strange on the sidewalks. Ah, there was that flash of choleric I had been looking for!

If you are neither sanguine nor choleric and find yourself traveling with either one of them, use your understanding of personalities to include activities they enjoy into your trip.

Join me for part 2 when we look at the melancholy and phlegmatic travelers to the Las Vegas Strip.

©2011 Shona Neff

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