Puppy Personalities on Parade! Part 1 – Kramer the Super Sanguine

Some  of you may be familiar with my wild dog Kramer. That little sanguine streak of white lightning certainly keeps the Neff humans on our toes! In classic sanguine style Kramer lives with an abundance of enthusiasm, charm, and love of the  spotlight.

What a Charmer

Everyone who meets Kramer is charmed by his wiggles and giggles. He overwhelms melancholy humans, but other sanguine life forms love him. Take for example when he first met his Uncle Dewey Moede, the station manager at KKIM Christian News and Talk in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kramer accosted his uncle with kisses and wagging tails (very sanguine behavior for a canine) and Uncle Dewey loved it as captured by this photo:

Uncle Dewey was charmed by this furry wild child . . . so much so that Kramer is now the official KKIM weather dog without even interviewing! That’s how it goes with the charming sanguine. It isn’t unusual for the fun-living, people-loving sanguine doggies to get the big breaks such as Kramer has gotten, because they are charmers and lovers of the spotlight.  Kramer insisted that I get a photo of him working hard (or is that hardly working?):

Life is FUN!

True to his sanguine nature, Kramer thinks life is one big game. Whether he is getting scolded, trying to get our attention, or interacting with his two brothers (Cooper and Newman), Kramer is always ready to make anything into a fun activity.

One day while working at my computer, Kramer and Cooper were lounging around my office. All of a sudden I heard all this scurrying activity and turned to see what was going on; Kramer’s toy was resting on Cooper’s head (who, by the way, is a laid-back phlegmatic). Kramer was not quite sure WHAT to do so he turned it into a game. He darted this way and that, ran in circles, and barked while Cooper just watched the flying ball of white fur. of furry. The picture says it all (for both dogs):

Cuddle Bud

Kramer, like other sanguine personalities, thrives on affection. This was evident shortly after we adopted him from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. He immediately latched on to Cooper (it’s Cooper’s phlegmatic personality), and Kramer wanted to get as physically close to his new brother as possible. Again, we capture the natural connection between the affectionate sanguine and the tolerant, welcoming phlegmatic:

Kramer loves to cuddle. He rarely sits still, but he’ll jump in any available lap (well, he jumps in unavailable laps, too) and chew on a bone. He rarely stays put for any amount of time due to his abundance of energy, but is quite fun to quietly curl up with when he his battery is recharging.

Always has Something to Say

Characteristically sanguine personalities are talkers. Kramer talks so much we affectionately refer to him as “The Jackal”. He talks back as good as any teenager when he gets scolded (on such occasions it may be a good thing we don’t speak jackal). He barks with unadulterated joy when it’s time to eat. He “talks” so much that people I am conversing with on the phone know the strange background noises are Kramer.

Yes, Kramer is quite the sanguine fellow. He’s added a wild energy to our home that has never existed. My youngest two-legged child started college this year, but with the dynamic Kramer adds to our home, I don’t feel quite as free as an empty nester should be. We love our little bundle of sanguine energy, but as is true with most sanguine personalities, he never lets us forget he is in the area. By the way, Kramer insisted on having his own Facebook . . . you can find him at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kramer/197068876971901, if you want to follow his escapades.

I hope you’ll join me as I share the personalities of my other furry babies . . . Newman the Choleric, Cooper the Phlegmatic and our dear deceased little highway find, Watson the Melancholy.

©2011 Shona Neff

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