Personality Paparazzi on the Loose!

As I cruise around social media there are always photos that scream PERSONALITY! I enjoy those images and love to share great material from others,  so I decided to exchange my personality mechanic role and put on a personality paparazzi hat. I’m sharing some of the great images I’ve seen over the last few weeks. Of course, I asked everyone’s permission, but privacy concerns have changed some names.

I hope you enjoy the efforts of the Personality Paparazzi on the Loose. (I’ll return to my Personality Mechanic role in the next post.)

A Colorful Choleric

When I saw this image posted by a Facebook friend, I giggled thinking that this child must be of the choleric persuasion. A few days later, my suspicions were confirmed when my friend posted that this same child growls at her. Again, observing from a distance, this screamed choleric to me. I’m glad this mom granted me permission to use this image of her tenacious, mission-minded little girl. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Gotta Love Life

Talk about a small world . . . that totally describes my connection with my next participant. I’ll try to be brief: I first became aware of this young man when he and my oldest son crossed paths at a grappling/jujitsu event. I didn’t meet Gilbert, but saw him across the people-filled gym when he and my son chatted between matches.

The next time I saw him (over a year later), he was in Walmart with a girl who grew up down the street from my family.  I’ve known her ever since she and my oldest son met in third grade. This young man met this sweet girl at college and they were (and still are) dating.

Then, we (Gilbert and I) discovered that we were both Eastern New Mexico University homecoming royalty (only difference is I was the “queen” and he was the “king” . . . almost 30 years apart) and that meant that we HAD to become Facebook friends. Well, with this new connection, I saw Gilbert’s musing when he recently celebrated his 25th birthday. His graph definitely flashes this young man’s sanguine personality. Happy Birthday, Gil, and thanks for letting me share your well-thought musings.

NOTE: Yeah, I know it’s a little big, but unless I make it LARGE it isn’t readable. I hope it doesn’t mess up anyone’s viewing pleasure (especially on the RSS feed.)

It’s a Dog’s Life

Anyone who knows much about me knows I love, love, LOVE dogs. So, it isn’t surprising that two canine photos caught my attention. The first one is a photo of sweet Murphy sleeping on the couch. I’ve seen a few posts about good ‘ol Murphy around Facebook and am not sure my original assessment of “phlegmatic” fits. I’ve since seen that he is ready for action in the morning . . . most phlegmatic are NOT full of energy when the day is young. That is just a good reminder that it is always prudent to observe someone’s behavior in order to make an accurate assessment of their personality type. Visual clues work most of the time, but are not 100 percent foolproof.

Thanks to my friend Karen Daly Cook for letting me share her photo. If you enjoy casual conversations on a couch, I encourage you to check out her blog at Here’s the snoring Murphy:

The next photo (which is total cuteness) comes from my friend Sara. Her adorable little Schnauzer recently had puppies. Sara posted this photo on Facebook and somehow I missed the accompanying description of the six precious pups. The alert little guy in the middle immediately captured my attention, and I asked Sara if that pup was the leader of that pack. Then I finally saw the description of the pups: Alpha, front and center, as usual. His little doggie personality is evident in the following photo. (Thanks for allowing me to share your bevy of puppies, Sara!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my personality version of paparazzi. Let me know what you think . . . maybe I’ll do this again. By the way, if you are interested in puppy personalities, my next post will begin a four-part series on that exact topic! I hope you’ll join me.

©2011 Shona Neff

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