Personality Blends – Part 2 The Robot Blend (Choleric/Melancholy)

Do you know anyone who accomplishes things with robot-like precision? He or she gets things done like clockwork, and it’s done right? Those people are usually the choleric/melancholy blend. They are corporate America’s favorite people or teacher’s pets because they are so productive and do productivity well.

This blend comprises both task-oriented personalities . . . the doer who strives for perfection. They often operate like a well-oiled machine. However, unlike the sanguine/choleric mix in my last post (a natural blend because it is a combination of both extroverted personalities) this combination melds one extrovert (choleric) with one introvert (melancholy), thus creating a complimentary blend.

When either the two extroverted personalities or both introverted personalities are blended, it often is a 50/50 split as to the traits they display from each personality. However, the percentages generally vary more in the complimentary blends such as the choleric/melancholy; one of the personalities tends to be more dominant. It could be a 60/40 split or even an 80/20 since either the extrovert or the introvert is dominant.

My husband is this blend and the choleric personality is stronger. In fact, it took me a while to figure out that his secondary personality was melancholy. He has a great sense of humor and when he is with close friends, laughter fills the room. That trait lead me to believe that sanguine was his secondary personality.

It wasn’t until years after we were married that I realized he wasn’t too interested in attending social gathering – an introvert trait. He is also meticulous when it comes to accomplishing projects. When our boys were little they wanted a wooden play structure. My husband didn’t want to pay a lot of money for a prefabricated kit (melancholies are very budget minded); he wanted to design one from scratch (melancholies enjoy graphs, math, and designing). When the play structure was complete, it was quite a sight and the boys spent hours climbing all over it.

The mission-minded aspect of the choleric combined with the high standard and perfection seeking melancholy makes for a highly successful individual. However, it also makes for one extremely task-oriented person who often expects others to be as just as productive and precise when completing projects.

We will discuss my blend in another post, but I am a phlegmatic/sanguine blend. As is typical of that combination, I don’t have a task-oriented bone in my body. When I look back at the most difficult times in our marriage, they always have to do with my blend being more relational and my husband’s blend being so task oriented. Thank goodness we both understand the personalities and know that we are different when it comes to some things. It takes the edge off when we accomplish things at different speeds (or I don’t accomplish anything).

One of the truly great things about being married to this blend is that I never have to make a “honey-do” list. My friends, who are not married to this personality type, marvel at all the things my husband accomplishes around the house. One great example has to do with a home-improvement suggestion I made several years ago. I mused about knocking a wall out of our master bedroom and replacing it with a sliding-glass door. Literally within a month, I had a fabulous new door that opened up onto my beautiful patio, thanks to my robot-type hubby.

There are a lot of great things about having a choleric/melancholy blend in your life, and the personalities have helped me recognize that.

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4 Responses to “Personality Blends – Part 2 The Robot Blend (Choleric/Melancholy)”

  1. Joseph W. Says:

    Geez this is so me. :) Thanks for posting!

  2. admin Says:

    Joseph, thanks for stopping by. I apologize for being so delinquent with my response. You are welcome, and I hope I provided you some helpful insights :)


  3. daniel Says:

    please send me all the blend of the five temperaments

  4. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    I have a book by a productive woman. She liked a guy named Chad, but she said “Oh, he had a great personality, but he was too much like me. I believed I needed someone who could make me laugh since I was always more prone to “being productive” and “getting my work done.” Chad was a productive guy and would one day have a successful career”. So, she broke up with Chad and eventually met Bob. One Saturday, when she needed a friend after her choice to be the responsible college student made her bored after three lonely hours in her abnormally empty dorm, she called Bob. Bob and his gang were indecisive and spent so much time talking about what to do, they never decided before it was too late was a joke about them. Dannah, the woman and Chad would probably test as choleric blends of some sort and funny, outgoing, emotional, tenderhearted Bob, a visionary with character, conviction, and drive, likely a sanguine blend.

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