Personality Blends – Part 1: Sanguine/Choleric

No individual is 100 percent one personality type, and many of us are a blend. However, when we take any of the personality tests available today, we usually discover that we possess dominant characteristics that affect how we act.

The personality system I use follows the categories established by Hippocrates when he first observed that people were different: sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic. Today’s post specifically focuses on the highly energetic sanguine/choleric blend.

Meet the Energizer Bunny

The sanguine and choleric personalities are both extroverts which creates a very active blend. I know several people with sharing these two traits and every single one of them is a go-getter! They are fueled by people and lots of activities.

Because this combination blends the two extroverted personalities together, it is common for the person to be a 50/50 blend. This means that their environment determines which personality comes out at any given time. For example, one of my sanguine/choleric friends ran conferences for many years. When she was in charge of running an event, her take-charge choleric surfaced. However, if she was guest speaker at an event with little responsibility, her happy-go-lucky sanguine side took the lead and focused on fun!

For many people, just watching this personality blend tires them out. Observers of differing personalities wonder how these people accomplish so much. However, it all makes sense when we understand personalities: when you take the energetic, people-loving, charming, wants-to-be-the-center-of-attention-person, and mix them with the mission-minded, leader who can accomplish anything . . . it’s humanity’s answer to a stick of dynamite!

The Good and The Bad

Anyone with this personality blend accomplishes a lot. I once had a sanguine/choleric boss. Her sanguine side took the edge off of dominant choleric and made her fun to work with. There were times (dictated by stressful days) that she would come to work in choleric mode and both guns blazing like we were in a western gunfight. Many of the younger employees were scared of her choleric side on a regular basis, but on her choleric days, she even scared me! It doesn’t matter WHO the choleric is and what blend he/she is, if things are going bad, no sane person wants to be in the same room!

As a boss her choleric side could handle any personnel situation (or difficult customers), while her sanguine side easily laughed with employees, giggled with customers. Both these extroverted personality rolled up into this woman made her one savvy and charming business woman.

The great benefit of this personality blend is that the fun-loving sanguine side helps the driven choleric relax and enjoy the “not-so-serious” aspects of life. And, it’s great that the choleric part of this blend helps the easily distracted and “I-would-rather-play” side of the sanguine actually get things done.

This is great blend that gets much done while having a good time. It’s hard to beat that combination, but we are just getting started. Throughout the week we will look at the choleric/melancholy, the melancholy/phlegmatic, and the phlegmatic/sanguine blends. I hope you’ll join me . . . you never know what you’ll learn about yourself.

©2011 Shona Neff


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20 Responses to “Personality Blends – Part 1: Sanguine/Choleric”

  1. Dayna Bickham Says:

    Have we met? This is ME!!! I have never taken one of those personality traits test because honesstly, I was a little scared of what it would say. I have always said that you either love me or hate me. I never knew this was because I was blended a little wacky! HaHa! Thanks for this- it is really helpful!

  2. admin Says:

    Dayna, thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you found the post helpful. It makes all the difference in the world how we understand ourselves when we know about personalities. I had my eyes opened when I began learning all this information. It is wonderful and liberating!


  3. Karina Flood Says:

    Hi Shona,

    I firstly wanna say hi to Dayna…a fellow specially blended wacky personality!!!

    There have been several times where I wondered why I was so different as I have never met someone like me…just having a bit more understanding of these two personality types not only reassures me that I am not weird or alone, but now I will know which part of me is active and why.

    Thank you for a very concise and educational read…and for the much-needed peace of mind! lol :)

    Have a wonderful day and continue #SpreadingTheLove!


    Karina – The pavement special:
    A Sanguin x with a Choleric! :)

  4. admin Says:

    Karina…thanks for stopping by. Oh I lOVE LOVE LOVE to hear when people have positive revelations about their personalities. I’m far from being a choloric, but when I learned about myself it was wonderful to know I wasn’t weird. I doubt we are the only two to have such a happy discovery. We all just want to be who we are and it is a lot of pressure off when we discover we are totally OK :)

    I’m glad you like my material and I hope you keep learning more about who you are :)


  5. Leslie M. Garza Says:

    This sheds some light on why I’m a take charge type of person. I took a personality test in my life skills/office procedures class at the local vocational school. I was wondering why I’m so bossy and headstrong at times.

  6. admin Says:

    Leslie, Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad my post shed some light on who you are :) From what you say, you must be choleric. It is a wonderful personality and a great leader when the natural ability to lead and get things done isn’t taken to the extreme. The extreme is bossy toward others instead of leading them, and insisting on having one’s way instead of considering other viable options. I have lots of choleric personalities in my family and where they strike the proper balance, they achieve great things :) Wishing you all the best as you discover and embrace your personality.


  7. Leslie M. Garza Says:

    I forgot to mention the rest of the time my sanguine side comes out. I’m a overnight cashier and backup customer service manager. The backup customer service manager is an unofficial title. I get to play boss from time to time. The rest of the time, I running the self-checkout and dealing with customers and staff. Everybody likes the way I work. I have a happy-go lucky attitude with a take charge drive. Customers wish there were more people like me working at the store that I work at. Mainly during the day. I am a true sanguine/choleric but not as moody as the lady in the story above the posts.

  8. admin Says:

    Leslie…you sound like a classic san/choleric blend. Just some additional information about your double extrovert blend, is that when you are a blend of the same “outgoing” determiner (extrovert being san/ch and introvert being the phlegmatic/mel personalities) it isn’t at unusual for current circumstances to determine which personality dominates. For example, I have a san/ch blend friend who, when she is in charge of a conference she defaults to choleric/get things done. When she is a speaker or attendee at a conference, her fun-loving sanguine comes out. Thanks for stopping by :)


  9. Caleb Says:

    Wow, it feels like I’m the only boy on this website. LOL! At least now I know there are other awesome people around here. I was just on here for some science homework, but as it turns out, this is a really cool website.
    XD 8) 😀 😛

  10. Katie Says:

    Okay so guys, I took a quiz and I’m primarily chloreic which makes sense but then I got an equal tie between phlegmatic and sanguine so what does this mean? And no I never put up a “front” so yeah so confused

  11. admin Says:

    Katie, Thanks for stopping by and letting me in on our profile results. I would say, that if your choleric is correct (which it sounds like it is) you are probably the sanguine blend. To have phlegmatic with choleric isn’t a natural blend. Choleric is blended with either sanguine (double extrovert) or the melancholy (which would be an extrovert cho, blended with the introvert mel). The latter combo (ch/mel) is a a go-getter and very task oriented. The cho/san blend is goal oriented sprinkled with fun. Do those descriptions help? Do you sound like a ch/san blend, or does the cho/mel make more sense?


  12. nascarccmglrfan Says:

    I’m some sanguine/choleric mix. I’m enthusiastic, sensitive, happy, creative, have strong emotions and can up and down quickly, sweet, energetic, talkative, strong-willed, passionate and someone thought I’d be a good boss when I was in college. Sometimes, I hurt people but I don’t mean to and I hate when I do. I don’t like to make people feel bad.

  13. admin Says:

    Hey nascarccmglrfan (nasgirl for short)…thanks for stopping by. Sorry I haven’t responded sooner. From what you say, you do sound like the san/chol blend. Have you taken a personality test, or was the description from the post a good match? Anyway, thank you for sharing…and YES, your blend does make a great boss when you excel in your strengths :)


  14. admin Says:

    Caleb…thanks for stopping by…and commenting even though you feel like the only guy. Maybe you are…I don’t know :)

    Sorry it took me so long to respond….its’ been a crazy few weeks. I must say, I think you are the only person I know of who visited me in the name of science! I hope I was helpful. Anyway, please feel free to comment, and I hope that maybe you find some interesting things here.


  15. Haritha Says:

    I’m of the melancholic+phlegmatic personality type in the ration of 70-30(I think). There is no temperament I can’t work or live with but I see sanguines as ‘disturbing’. If I live with a san, I’ll probably be taking times off her presence so that I can have my cool and quiet environment. I would probably have complained and get tired of the san but my phleg sides is actually very tolerant. When it comes to a choleric, hmmmmm! I really do not like their bossy and easy to snap attitude. I also think they are quick to action which sometimes wanna make me think of them as ‘irrational’ and that’s because, I, on the other side take time to calculate, analyse and make research before jumping into anything. Cholerics are very bossy and opinionated, they like things going their way even if they have to apply force and melancholics on the other side, are not prone to compromise and hence ‘stubborn’ which is a mutual trait for a chol dominating personality and a mel dominating personality. I love a peaceful environment and hates conflict as qaos and to avoid that, I am very apologetic and I like being my own boss, although one that takes correction.

    My very good friends has mel or phleg as their dominating personalities, although secondary could be chol or sanguine, I dont mind but a choleric dominating personality type of person can only invade in my garden of ‘colleagues’ not friends, though I admire their leadership abilities. I can work well with a choleric but not happilly.

    Personally, I think of all the other temperaments, a match for a choleric is a melancholic but I really think I would do well with a cholmel(my mum is one). I have my way of making him/her swap his mel traits when dealing with me and so, he/she wont really be bossy over me 😀 .

    If a melancholic and a choleric collaborates to do anything, they do it in no time and almost hitch free. When I have tough projects to execute, a choleric is who I’ll like to work with but friendship in question? I prefer a melancholic or phlegmatic domineering personality type of person. As for sanguines, I don’t have problems with them but I see them as ‘not ambitious or serious minded’ but I’ve never really known a sanphleg and what they behave like.

    A long story right? Well, If I have to coment at all, I have to be detailed 😀

  16. admin Says:

    Haritha, thanks again for stopping by!! Your observations were very interesting and I found myself giggling at some of them because they were so spot on as far as different personalities view each other. You provided very good reading. I hope you continue to visit and share your insights. I enjoy them very much.


  17. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    I test as sanguine or choleric and got D and I on the DISC test. I’m rather goal-oriented but fun minded as well. My energetic with leadership elements ways do indicate this blend.

  18. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    Katie may have phlegmatic as a third personality. She may be a choleric/sanguine with a tertiary. I’ve seen that’s possible, having a tertiary.

  19. admin Says:

    Not sure if I remember you mentioning Katie before, but usually two personalities are dominant. However, it isn’t at all unusual for a person to a traits of all the personalities. Me, for example, i have a couple of choleric traits but am no where close to being any significant part choleric. I don’t think I have ANY mel…except maybe being a little organized at times….which stems more from my phlegmatic like of keeping things simple than it does striving for perfection which is what often drives the melancholy personality.


  20. nascarccmgrlfan Says:

    I don’t really know Katie, but I saw her comment and that was my first mention of her. Organized is a trait shared by choleric and melancholic and it’s a choleric element in my case, I think. I’m rather goal oriented. Maybe to a choleric blend person, it makes it easier to achieve goals, organization.

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