Fashion Personalities – Part 1

I decided to try an experiment: what would happen if I, a phlegmatic/sanguine mix, dressed like each of the personalities? So, last time I was in Albuquerque I went to Dillards and stalked sales clerks who might be willing to assist me on this adventure.

Sure enough, using my personality prowess, it didn’t take me long to locate a couple of cute, sweet-looking girls who looked phlegmatic. I approached them with my idea and they were receptive. After a couple of phone calls to the appropriate managers, we secured permission for my fashion make-over in the  BCBG-MAXAZRIA section of the Dillards store nestled in Winrock Center.

The Powerful Choleric Fashionista

Choleric is not my dominate personality. Jovonn, my helpful fashion consultant, found an actual “power” skirt that immediately intimidated me. It was slathered with leopard print, was skin tight, and I’m pretty sure it growled at me. I was a little scared to slip into it, but Jovonn assured me that I would like it.

Jovonn found a fabulous red jacket that minimized my below-the-waist bumps and bulges, and I decided the skirt wasn’t so scary after all. That’s the way it goes with choleric people and things: sometimes they are more bark than bite. Actually, if any of you choleric women travel frequently, this power skirt is perfect for suitcases since it doesn’t wrinkle, AND the built in girdle feel effectively squishes fat cells.

I must admit that the instant I slipped into this power suit, I felt the uncharacteristic compulsion to find a mission. I couldn’t bark orders since I wasn’t the boss, so I started steaming clothes. Hmm, maybe if I purchase this outfit I could don it when I need to accomplish things.

(NOTE: My mom is not used to seeing me scowl and thought I looked mad. I assured her I was just getting into character.)

Fun-Loving and Flamboyant Sanguine

Dressing as a sanguine fit me better than the over-achieving choleric. Since sanguine is my secondary personality (phlegmatic being my dominate), this was a little easier to pull off.

I like bright colors and think bracelets are pretty cool. I’m not so keen on all the extra frilly, sanguine-looking ruffles that often decorate flamboyant garments, but I DO think this dress is perfect for a people-loving, social butterfly.

I have a confession: when I put on this sanguine specimen, I had a sudden urge to be around people. I guess all that purple puffiness made me adopt the sanguine mantra of “the more the merrier.” I quickly found some new best friends that let me talk and talk and talk. When I stopped jabbering, I discovered that my accommodating buddies had no heads! No wonder they were so quiet . . . they were mannequins! I thought they were extremely quiet phlegmatic/melancholy blends.

(NOTE: I was glad the dress didn’t break when it came time to zip it up. I think this must be a very durable line of clothes.)

Join me for part two and see me dressed as a melancholy (so not me) and phlegmatic (the real me!).


I’d like to thank all the girls who helped make this post happen. Mia, Pamela, and the BCBG regional manager. I want to extend a special thank you to Jovonn (who picked all the wonderful clothes I squeezed into) and my mom, Mildred, who stepped out of her comfort zone and became my personal photographer for the day.

©2011 Shona Neff

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