Opposites Attract – Guest Post by Adele Bower

My eyes locked on this gorgeous young man from across the auditorium where we were both attending an opera. It was love at first sight and, as luck would have it, this Greek-god of a man was talking with a friend of mine! Being impulsive, I went over to Eugene and managed an introduction to David, the gorgeous one. David and I were married eighteen months later. We waited long enough to get that “graduate from high school” thing out of the way. It turns out acting impulsively is not all that bad.

My first clue something was wrong with David came when we started grocery shopping together. I selected items that were packaged prettily. I did not care about the cost, but David did . . . he cared a lot.

He counted the cookies in the packages I selected, then counted the quantity in the ones I had not chosen. “Why did you make that selection?” Me? . . . The answer was obvious, I liked the wrapping. He was the best comparative shopper in Texas, and his questions about my selections haunted me for years. After a while, I finally took my stand, “If you do not stop critiquing my shopping, you can do all the shopping and I’ll stay home.” That worked since he was also working and going to school; I got to shop all by myself. However, when he retired we were back to square one. But, now he does all our food shopping; I haven’t set foot in a grocery store for six years.

One day David asked me if I would like to know how to wash the dishes correctly. What? Another day he told me he had brought me a present. I was excited until I discovered my “gift” was a collection of green twisty ties carefully bound together by another tied around the middle (to make it neat.)  He had collected them from his daily sandwich I packed in his lunch. I still have the little green twisty “haystack.”

After decades of wondering what was wrong with him, I discovered The Personalities and began to understand. I’m a bright, lively Sanguine who loves people, and he is a Melancholy who loves order and strives for perfection….opposites! We rarely like the same movies, the same music, or the same people.

I love to be out and around people; he likes to stay home. I like to talk; he doesn’t. His home office is immaculate; my office/art studio has a sign on the door which reads “Creativity is Not a Pretty Sight.” My art studio also has a string of the cutest little twinkle lights you’ve ever seen. I love any kind of bling!

Understanding ourselves and our individual strengths and weaknesses makes it easier to compromise and be considerate of others . . . especially in the marriage relationship. Yes, opposites attract, and boy, can they make for a dynamic duo!


Adele is an artist, writer and Bible teacher. She has studied personalities under Florence and Marita Littauer, and is a Certified Personality Trainer. She has written and illustrated two Christian children’s books. She also enjoys writing and teaching Bible studies for women. Adele’s melancholy husband, David, is a retired businessman, a US Navy veteran, and a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. They have three children, five grand-children, and one grand son-in-law.

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