Word for Today – Amos 7:12

Flee Away

Being a prophet was not an easy profession. Just ask Elijah, Jeremiah, Jonah, and Amos. Prophets are not known for only foretelling coming events, but they also proclaimed timely and often unpopular messages to the people. Such was the case with Amos.

Amaziah, the priest at Bethel, could be considered the precursor to today’s modern tattle-tale or trouble maker. He ran to King Jeroboam of Israel and “tattled” on Amos. Not because the prophet did anything wrong, but more so because Amaziah did not like Amos’ message: the truth.

After wagging his tongue to the king, this so-called leader slinks backs to Amos:

“‘O seer, go, flee away to the land of Judah, earn your bread there, and prophesy there, but never again prophesy at Bethel, for it is the king’s sanctuary, and it is the temple of the kingdom’” (Amos 8:12-13 NRSV).

Basically, Amaziah is telling Amos not to rock the boat; the king and the religious leader both have a pretty good thing going. Amaziah may well have said, “Don’t mess with the king’s sanctuary of power and leave MY temple alone.” There was no room for God’s message in the hearts of these powerful men, and they certainly did not want the people exposed to the truth. It could spell the end of their position.

GO AWAY AMOS, was the message . . . loud and clear!

I see the same “flee away” attitude on the local and national stage today. Just to clarify, I’m not perfect and not all church leaders are like Amaziah, but several years ago I was made to flee.

As the youth teacher in my church I wanted to equip and empower our kids. One topic I wanted to introduce was spiritual warfare and the ministry of the Holy Spirit (age appropriate, of course.) Church leadership fought me. On another occasion I asked the class what they would like to study and unanimously they wanted to learn about alternative lifestyles. Again, church leadership fought me, but I proceeded. (I did not disregard the pastor, he reluctantly agreed).

After a year of engaging the youngsters and receiving many compliments from their parents, I was relieved of my duties. I cannot say for sure it was for the same reasons Amos was told to flee away, but the stealth by which it happened, the subsequent lack of communication, and being replaced by the spouse of a church leader, makes one wonder.

If you share God’s truth, you WILL be out of step with the world and some religious organizations. If you are governed by genuine truth, God is on your side. Others may tell you to flee, but God loves it when we stand up for him.

Word for Today: As long as you represent God’s truth, don’t be surprised when others tell you to flee away.

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