Word for Today – Titus 3:9

Avoid Stupid Controversies

I am convinced that some people think controversy make the world go round. Why else would it be so prevalent these days?

When my boys were small they often picked at each other. One of their favorite “stages” was the backseat of my Suburban. . . . the longer the trip, the better the venue in their little minds. “Mom, he looked at me!” “Mommmmm, his hand is on my side of the seat!” And who hasn’t experienced this classic, “Mom, he TOUCHED me!”

“But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because they are unprofitable and useless” (Titus 3:9 NIV).

Stupid controversies. Thankfully my boys have outgrown much of the youthful folly, but the pursuit of silly things often follows people into their everyday adult lives. Titus 3:9 is in the context of the “religious” conflict facing the early church and the long-standing Jewish culture, but is still applicable today.

Many of the issues of Titus’ day dealt with things that were new concepts to the prevailing Jewish thought:

  • Genealogies – being adopted into God family becoming superior to earthly ancestry.
  • Controversies/arguments – one of the biggies . . . turning a heart toward Christ being more desirable to God than winning intellectual arguments.
  • Quarrels about the law – time spent learning about love becoming more important that delving deep into legalistic religion and intricacies.

Titus wasn’t trying to toss away the important things of the Old Testament era,  he was just trying to help people understand the new angle of God’s world when Jesus came and fulfilled the Law.

I visited a church for several months; every Sunday I was accosted by a woman determined to convert me to her side of a controversial policy that varies between Protestant denominations. I always smiled and politely listened to her passionate explanations. I read the Scriptures she recommended to sway my opinion, but when I offered my point of view she refused it any consideration.

It wasn’t worth arguing with her. Most controversies we stir up are not worth the energy we expend sparring with others. And, if you think about it, many arguments we engage in involve our family, friends, and loved ones!

Is there a time to stand firm? Of course there is! Grave injustice to others must be stopped. Jesus fought the Pharisees on behalf of the less fortunate. Truth is worth fighting for, but when we contend with others, it should never turn into a gutter brawl and it must be worthwhile. We must follow God’s promptings and model ourselves after Jesus.

One last verse I’d like to share it this:

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone” (Romans 12:11).

Word for Today: Don’t waste your time and energy on ridiculous things; avoid stupid controversies.

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