Word for Today – Titus 3:3

We Ourselves Were Once Foolish

No one knows everything except for God, but we’ve all probably acted like know-it-alls at some point in our lives. There was a time in my ignorance of biblical matters when I professed that no one knows how God is going to judge. On the surface that may not sound so bad, but as my knowledge increased there were two significant changes in my attitude: 1) those in Christ Jesus are not going to be judged, and 2) those NOT in Christ Jesus will be judged according to Jesus’ Word (John 12:44-50). My original thoughts could be considered foolish.

My own example helped form the backdrop in which I look now at other Christians. I used to be critical of those who did not understand or pursue the things of God’s kingdom with the same knowledge base as me, but then I learned of my own foolishness:

“For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to various passions and pleasures, passing our day in malice and envy, despicable, hating one another” (Titus 3:3 NRSV).

I was guilty of more than a judgmental attitude, but that is the example that God has chosen to reminder of my own foolishness.

These days I witness harsh attitudes bouncing to and fro among Christians: those Christians celebrate Halloween, that church family goes to Harry Potter movies, that denomination doesn’t have the Spirit, that denomination’s worship music is of the devil, that new Christian still cusses. I could go on and on, but do I really need to?

When we look at other Christians is it really our business what God is addressing in their lives and how? Is it our job to judge them in an area that maybe, just maybe, God hasn’t dealt with yet? Maybe they still engage in behavior “A” because God is addressing the more serious issue “B”. Most of the time it isn’t our business UNLESS…

…we happen to be a pastor whose role it IS to guide the flock. Or, unless we are a Sunday school teacher or small group leader helping others understand God’s Word. Or, unless God gives us the opportunity to enlighten a friend or youth seeking godly counsel. However, it is never our job to arbitrarily sit on the sidelines judging and criticizing other Christians because, remember, we ourselves were once foolish.

However, we must also remember that when we have the opportunity to enlighten someone with God’s standard, it must always be done with compassion, grace, and most of all, love. We don’t know it all, and we need to be patient with those who are still learning (which is all of us!).

Word for Today: Never criticize other Christians’ walks because we ourselves were once foolish.

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