Word for Today – Titus 2:7

Models of Good Work

Seems that Titus does not only single out older men and women for sound instruction (Sound Doctrine, Seriously?) . . . he has plenty to say to young men. Parents and young men . . . please keep reading.

I am not that old, but I am old enough to see a big change in our society’s males population. Before I go any further let me say I am not a young man hater; I have two sons of my own. But, being the only representative of estrogen in my home, I know from first-hand experience that the male species requires polishing in order to properly morph from boys to men. I’m not an advocate for creating sissies (the world has plenty as it is), but I am for turning them into real men.

Titus speaks to that:

“urge young men to be self-controlled. Show yourself in all respects a model of good works, and in your teaching how integrity, gravity, and sound speech that cannot be censured; then any opponent will be put to shame, having nothing evil to say of us” (Titus 2:6-8).

Self-Control. This is lacking in many young dudes these days. He dissed me. The only thing he understands is a fist to the face. He better back off or I’m gonna go ape “poo” on him. Does any of this sound familiar? I’ve been around enough testosterone that I’ve heard it all. Parents, are we failing our boys? Boys, are you chasing after the right things?

To my boy’s credit, I’ve seen them exercise self-control in difficult circumstances. However, my son’s have provided me the opportunity to be in the middle of a couple of melees with fists and foul language flying. After such altercations I used my authority, and momma-bear tendencies, to turn these brawls into teachable moments for real men.

Parents . . . is our responsibility to develop self-control in our sons. Our boys need good examples to follow and the strong arm of discipline when necessary. They have a purpose beyond becoming backward-hat wearing boys in adult bodies. We must model integrity and use sound speech. Our wonderful sons are capable of great things. They need godly grown-ups to inspire them to reach for great heights instead of languishing in idleness.

Young Men . . . It’s not your fault if no one taught you integrity, gravity, and sound speech. But, you are responsible if you grow up to be a lazy lump instead of a real man. Most young people understand the concept of right and wrong, but far too many choose to seek wrong. Lump or real man . . . which will you choose?

Word for Today: Young men . . . seek models of good work and choose the road to manhood. Parents . . . be models of good work.

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