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True That! – The Sit-in-the-Shade Phlegmatic

You can’t make a place for yourself under the sun if you keep sitting in the shade of a tree.

Are you laid back or lazy? Phlegmatic personalities tend to the be the most laid back of the four temperaments. That’s not a bad thing when they are being productive. However, when the laid-back behavior crosses over into laziness there is a problem.

Phlegmatic people have as much ability to succeed as the next personality as long as they don’t develop rigor mortis sitting under the lazy shade of a tree (or eating bon bons on the couch while the TV blares, wallowing in bed, or growing roots in front of a computer…etc.). (more…)

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True That! – The Happy Sanguine

Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances.

No people displays this better than the sanguine personalities of the world. The world giggles because of these people. They are the bright spot in many a bland day.

I remember a time I was scolding my young sanguine son. I was bent over looking him eye-to-eye and my finger was a waggin’ with discipline. Then it happened. He started crossing his eyes and waggin’ his head slowly back and forth. What could I do but giggle as a smile crossed my face. Typical sanguine . . . putting a fun spin on a no-so-fun situation.

Take time to give a hug or a high-five to a sanguine today. Sometimes their sunny disposition can be a little too much, but enjoy them for who they are. The world needs these people to us see the world as a happy place. They are wired that way.

©2012 Shona Neff

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