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Workplace Personalities, Part 4 – Diplomatic, Diligent, and Sometimes Lazy

Who in the workplace can be diplomatic, diligent, and sometimes lazy? It’s the phlegmatic.

What makes this personality soar or crash in the workplace is their ability to operate in their strengths. Let’s explore the interesting phenomenon that is a phlegmatic at work.


Phlegmatic people are natural diplomats. That stems from their dislike of conflict – they are the peacemakers. More so than the other three personality types, they are able to see the merit in opposite sides of a dispute. Their easy-going manner allows them to mediate well when two or more parties are tearing at each others throats. (more…)

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Workplace Personalities, Part 3 – Want It Done Right?

Want a job done right? . . . who ya gonna call? A MELANCHOLY!

That’s right, the melancholy personality will get the job done right, and with attention to detail.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Anyone familiar with this temperament knows that they seek out perfection as if it was a buried treasure. They add a new dimension to the phrase “well done.” This is an employers dream. A melancholy on the job pays attention to detail and will polish a project until it shines bright. The one draw back to (more…)

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Workplace Personalities, Part 2 – Who is Bossy Breeches?

If you’ve read my column regularly for a while you probably know what personality this is . . . the CHOLERIC! If you are new to this column, be ready to learn about the bossy breeches at your workplace.

Born Leader

The choleric people of the world are the natural born leaders. They are born looking for someone or situation to control and spend a lifetime meeting that goal. I affectionately use the term “bossy breeches” to describe this temperament, but they can be great leaders. The tricky part of this personality in the (more…)

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Workplace Personalities, Part 1 – Can Work Be Fun?

The sanguine personality is all about fun. They are all about people. And . . . they love to talk. So, it makes sense that they would thrive in an environment that includes those elements. Sanguine people prove that work can be fun!


Harvey MacKay said, “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This works for the sanguine person if they follow the fun. This sometimes confuses people because you never know what a sanguine is going to consider fun. For example, my youngest son is sanguine and is going to school to become a mechanical engineer. That is a job usually sought after by a melancholy. But . . . my son has always wanted to blow things up and (more…)

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Solitude or Social; Personalities at Work

Sam’s hazel eyes sparkled like twinkling stars. Marlenea’s big-browns shadowed with disappointment when I said, “We’re going to move things around. You’ll each have a quiet place to work.”

They were together in the room, and I’d spoken to both of them simultaneously. So . . . why the contrast in their reactions?

Personality – plain and simple.

Our new plan meant we would break the employees up. Instead of working side-by-side, each would do their job in separate offices, allowing fewer distractions, less noise, and greater concentration. But not everyone was happy. (more…)

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Personalities at Work

I am excited to introduce a new category here in my personality garage — Personalities at Work. One of my friends and fellow Certified Personality Trainer will be a regular contributor. Anita Agers Brooks is going to share all about workplace personalities by tapping into her experience as a successful business woman. I hope you enjoy adding her workplace knowledge to your personality toolbox.

Personalities At Work

Telling me to relax is like telling me not to breathe. My driving choleric personality is motivated by what I accomplish. Not only do I want to do a lot, but my powerful personality wants to do it the fast way. Especially at work.



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