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Oh No, She Didn’t: Political Personalities, The Wolves

Political sheep were the focus of my last post. Today, we are looking at political wolves. Now, to be honest, if you took a cross-section of American voters and non-voters, much of who someone “considers” a wolf is based on one’s ideology or party affiliations. Despite having strong views my goal is not to turn this into a political forum, but rather share with you unbiased information about personalities that you can use as a tool to better understand those who would be our leaders.


So, what, exactly is the definition of a “wolf”? Well, as one would expect, I got a lot of the animal description such as “canine” and “large dog,” but obviously that isn’t exactly what I was looking for even though I giggled at the many unflattering canine traits that fit some of our current leaders. However, when they got into wolf behavior. . . . I hit the jackpot!! Here we go into some material we can really sink our teeth into: (more…)

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Oh No, She Didn’t: Political Personalities – The Sheep

Oh yes I DID!….and WHY? Personalities are great tool for understanding politicians and identifying statesmen.

OK, so I may loose some followers with this series . . . after all, isn’t politics one of those subjects that momma told us to stay away from along with religion and finances? News flash, I don’t stay away from any of those topics when personalities are involved. Well, if you’ll hang with me, my intent is NOT to disparage one side or the other, but to provide (as best as I can) unbiased insights into the political world using personalities.


Before jumping into this topic, let me share what made me decide to tackle it in the first place. I’ve been watching a political mini series and found it intriguing. It depicts the seedier side of political life, but we all know there are good guys and bad guys in all governments…and our definitions of good and bad may vary, but that is another post for a different website. My interest swirls around personalities. Anyhow, after watching and analyzing season one, I came up with three categories for those claiming to lead our country. Some of you may not agree with my assessment, but there is much to be learned from looking at the personality breakdown in each category. So, with that, let’s jump in. (more…)

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Birthday Party Personalities

Everyone LOVES a party . . . right? Well, not always. Some personalities would rather pass on the party scene full of people and enjoy a less chaotic celebration.

My family just celebrated a cluster of birthdays which provided a great example for this topic. Let’s start with my mother who just celebrated her 80th birthday. It was a nice celebration that provided me great insights into birthday party personalities.

Grandma 80th

My sister is sanguine and LOVES all sorts of gatherings, social events, and parties. She was instrumental in plotting and planning the festivities. That makes sense because sanguine personalities are made for fun . . . and planning fun is super FUN for them! Being spontaneous people, they consider the element of surprise a true spice of life. Sis suggested a SURPRISE party for Mom. However, our mom is melancholy and doesn’t do “unplanned” very well. I suggested to my sister (who lives out of state) that rather than too much surprise, that she, at the very least, let Mom know that she planned to visit around the time of the birthday and then surprise her with the party. That way, Mom could have a visit on her calendar which allowed Mom to plan ahead while still allowing for the surprise party. (more…)

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#10: Every Person Ever Born has a Personality

Some people’s personalities are so compelling that they command attention.” Laura Linney

It’s true! Some people stand out while others are a quiet presence in the world.

“Everyone shines, given the right lighting.” Susan Cain

For some personalities, the lighting is more subdued, but just as piercing.

Today’s post finishes out the series of 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities.


Every person born has a personality. For those who believe in the Divine Creator, people were made in His image, and He doesn’t make junk. That’s why I know everyone has a personality and each of us has value and is wonderful no matter what personality we are blessed with. Whether you are one of the extroverted gems (sanguine or choleric) or are more of an introverted treasure (melancholy or phlegmatic), YOU  ROCK! (more…)

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#9: (((Shhhh…..Introverts)))

My last post splashed paint on a broad canvas that told the story of the outgoing and often boisterous extrovert. Today we are going to use a paintbrush to create a portrait of the introverts of the world. Extroverts tend to steal the spotlight on the world’s stage, but without introverts, there would be no show. So, let’s have a look at the #9 on the list of 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities.


The melancholy and phlegmatic are the two introverted personalities. (more…)

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#8: Extroverts!

Everyone wants to be an extrovert because the world tends to be made for these high-energy personalities…after all, aren’t they the ones that make the world go around? Aren’t they the “cool” people? Of the four personality types I deal with (sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic) the sanguine and choleric are the extroverts. So, what exactly IS an extrovert? We’ll explore that as we focus on #8 of of our list of 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities.


Energized by People and Activity

Contrary to what many people think makes an extrovert such as outgoing, talkative, and full of energy, those traits are a manifestation of what extroverts are all about. They are energized by people and activities, and that, in turn, makes them outgoing, talkative, energetic, etc. Take, for example, a typical extrovert during a work week. They can work 40 hours in a week and be totally ready to have a quiet Friday evening. However, if something involving people (like a party) or a mission (someone needs furniture moved) pops up, they happily jump at the chance to DO something.

Being around people or accomplishing something recharges the sanguine and choleric extroverts battery. (more…)

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#7: Not All People can be Identified Upon Visual Inspection

Very few things in this life are one hundred percent certain with the exception of life, death, and taxes. Visual identification of one’s personality, although quite accurate, is one of the those things that isn’t a one-hundred percent certainty. So, today we will look at #7 on my list of 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities.


Recently I  misidentified a young father I see on a weekly basis. However, since he attends a personality group I’m leading in my home, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him better than our typical weekly encounters allowed. I originally identified him as a sanguine personality, but after having more in depth conversations and seeing the results of his personality profile, (a “test” consisting of word groups that help assess one’s temperament) sanguine was the personality that LEAST described him. So, why don’t visual clues always match someones actual personality? (more…)

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#6: Many Personalities Can Be Identified By Visual Clues

When I worked at my friend’s dry cleaner, I knew what to expect from many customers the minute they walked through the door. I didn’t need to hear their voices or take time to size them up. It was all in the way they presented themselves: clothing, colors, hair, and demeanor spoke volumes to me because I understood personalities.

Today, we area going to talk about the visual clues that so often give up someone’s personality before a word passes between two people. That is our focus for #6 in the series #10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities.


Before diving into the visual clues of each of the four personality types, it is important to know that, although assessing someone visually can be very accurate, it isn’t fool proof. Sometimes it takes observing the behavioral signs along with the visual signs to get a proper reading on who someone is. (more…)

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#5b: Each Personality has Emotional Needs

Our focus for #5b is all about emotional needs. Each of the four personality types has them. In the original post, 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities, I compared emotional needs to a cars gas tank: just like a car cannot “go” with an empty tank, people do not “go” very well when their emotional tanks are empty.


There are certain things that each personality type needs to be “filled up”. Even though there is not a personality “pump” that automatically delivers these nourishing things to people like a gas pump does for cars, if you understand these needs you can become a sort of pump for those around you AND for yourself. Being a “personality pump” is important when dealing with others as well as keeping your own emotional tank full. Let’s see how THIS part of personalities works.


I’ll start with me because I know myself so well. (more…)

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#5a: We Tend to Marry Our Opposites

Today we are on to #5a as part of our detailed explanations from 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities. (NOTE: #5a, you might ask? Yes, I counted wrong when I made my top 10 list, so since I included TWO fives, so I broke them up into #5a and #5b.)

Today, we learn about why we tend to marry our opposite personality. It amazes me how true this little tidbit is – most couples I know ARE married to their total opposite. Spontaneous and fun-loving sanguines tend to marry the more quiet and measured melancholy people, while “the doer” choleric and the procrastinating phlegmatic are almost always drawn to each other. Doesn’t it make more sense to be attracted to someone who is more like you? (more…)

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