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On the Road with the Reluctant Phlegmatic – Coast Rica, Part 2

In part one of my Costa Rica adventure, I shared some of the things I learned about my travel personality. Today, I will highlight a few more discoveries as I traipsed around the Central American country.


Phlegmatic personalities may not do things with the flair of a sanguine or the intensity of the choleric, but we tend to finish what we start. Part of our tour included racing along a zip line. My thinking: if you travel to Costa Rica, you may as well be able to say you zip-lined through the rain forest canopy. Well, I can now say it! I didn’t like it, but I did it. It was slow and steady (which is the typical phlegmatic way) and not very pretty.


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On the Road with the Reluctant Phlegmatic – Costa Rica, Part 1

There was so much to share about this topic, it turned into a two-parter. I hope you enjoy part one and will join me again when I post part two.

Have you ever thought of traveling with a bus-load of tweens and teens? Probably not, but if you did, it probably stopped with that thought. Well, I actually did it! I toured Costa Rica accompanied by more than enough tweens and teens to scare the most hardened drill sergeant . . . and I liked it!!

I chaperoned my youngest son and his middle-school classmates along with the beloved Los Alamos Middle School Spanish teacher, Rita Sanchez. Our little band of globe trotters shared a bus with a large group of high-school students from the Midwest. We had a great time and this reluctant, phlegmatic traveler discovered a few things about my travel personality.


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On the Road with Personalities – Part 2 – Viva Las Vegas!

In part one of this two-part series we explored the sanguine and choleric personalities on the Las Vegas strip. Today the melancholy and phlegmatic tourists take center stage.

Melancholy Musings

Is it possible that something in the sanguine land of bling, flashing lights, and noise, would appeal to this quiet, organized personality? Believe it or not, there is! Traipsing through the loud, smoke-filled casinos easily overwhelms this sensitive, quiet-loving personality. However, when we sauntered through the Roman-influenced shopping mall of Cesar’s Palace, it seemed to be an atmosphere than this personality could relate. I don’t know if it was typical, but when strolled through it was not as raucous as most places along The Strip. There were some lovely pieces of art that could easily catch the melancholy traveler’s eye:


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On the Road with Personalities – Viva Las Vegas! – Part 1

My hubby and I recently visited the Las Vegas strip. Are you at all surprised that much of my sight-seeing adventures had me looking for personalities buzzing around us? I made one discovery that I’ll share up front . . . Las Vegas is “Land of the Sanguines!” However, I also saw evidence of the other three personalities in varying degrees. So, let’s jump right in and discover the personalities — Las Vegas style.

The Festive Sanguine

The glitz, the bling, the blinking lights, and ringing bells of the Strip were made for the sanguine personality. Not only do they love the loud and shiny, but they enjoy diving in and swimming in the sea of people. There is so much to do that this energetic traveler can play around the clock . . . literally!

I could have taken photos anywhere on The Strip, but when I saw this store in one of the many malls, I knew this was the image I had to capture:


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