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Personality Paparazzi on the Loose!

As I cruise around social media there are always photos that scream PERSONALITY! I enjoy those images and love to share great material from others,  so I decided to exchange my personality mechanic role and put on a personality paparazzi hat. I’m sharing some of the great images I’ve seen over the last few weeks. Of course, I asked everyone’s permission, but privacy concerns have changed some names.

I hope you enjoy the efforts of the Personality Paparazzi on the Loose. (I’ll return to my Personality Mechanic role in the next post.)

A Colorful Choleric

When I saw this image posted by a Facebook friend, I giggled thinking that this child must be of the choleric persuasion. A few days later, my suspicions were confirmed when my friend posted that this same child growls at her. Again, observing from a distance, this screamed choleric to me. I’m glad this mom granted me permission to use this image of her tenacious, mission-minded little girl. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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