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Personalities at Work

I am excited to introduce a new category here in my personality garage — Personalities at Work. One of my friends and fellow Certified Personality Trainer will be a regular contributor. Anita Agers Brooks is going to share all about workplace personalities by tapping into her experience as a successful business woman. I hope you enjoy adding her workplace knowledge to your personality toolbox.

Personalities At Work

Telling me to relax is like telling me not to breathe. My driving choleric personality is motivated by what I accomplish. Not only do I want to do a lot, but my powerful personality wants to do it the fast way. Especially at work.



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Opposites Attract – Guest Post by Adele Bower

My eyes locked on this gorgeous young man from across the auditorium where we were both attending an opera. It was love at first sight and, as luck would have it, this Greek-god of a man was talking with a friend of mine! Being impulsive, I went over to Eugene and managed an introduction to David, the gorgeous one. David and I were married eighteen months later. We waited long enough to get that “graduate from high school” thing out of the way. It turns out acting impulsively is not all that bad.

My first clue something was wrong with David came when we started grocery shopping together. I selected items that were packaged prettily. I did not care about the cost, but David did . . . he cared a lot.


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