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On the Road with Personalities – Viva Las Vegas! – Part 1

My hubby and I recently visited the Las Vegas strip. Are you at all surprised that much of my sight-seeing adventures had me looking for personalities buzzing around us? I made one discovery that I’ll share up front . . . Las Vegas is “Land of the Sanguines!” However, I also saw evidence of the other three personalities in varying degrees. So, let’s jump right in and discover the personalities — Las Vegas style.

The Festive Sanguine

The glitz, the bling, the blinking lights, and ringing bells of the Strip were made for the sanguine personality. Not only do they love the loud and shiny, but they enjoy diving in and swimming in the sea of people. There is so much to do that this energetic traveler can play around the clock . . . literally!

I could have taken photos anywhere on The Strip, but when I saw this store in one of the many malls, I knew this was the image I had to capture:


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Make Up Makes a Difference – Part 2

In the first post of this two-part series Shilpa, the manager at the Clarins cosmetic counter at the Albuquerque Dillards, gave me a phlegmatic and sanguine look. In this post, you are going to see the dramatic difference when she used make up to give me the melancholy and choleric look. I was amazed at the difference make up can make, and I thing you will be too.

Melancholy Means Elegant

As a phlegmatic/sanguine blend, I don’t do elegant very well. That was abundantly clear a few posts back when I got a fashion makeover and tried to look melancholy . . . it was not easy. I felt the same in my attempt to pull off this classy/elegant look. Shilpa did a great job with the make up, but it was hard for me to be someone I’m not.


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Make Up Makes a Difference

Recently, while browsing in the shoe department at Dillards, a cosmetic associate from the Clarins counter approached me offering free samples. I usually do not put much thought toward cosmetics, however I am always thinking about personalities. I asked the lady if it was possible to apply make up in ways that make people look bright, powerful, or elegant. Upon receiving an enthusiastic “Oh yes!”, I knew what I had to do. I made two appointments to have facial make-overs . . . personality style.

Phlegmatic – The Natural

Shilpa, my new friend and make-over artist, did her personality research before we started. When I sat down in her “chair- of-make-up-wonder” she already knew what to do to achieve each look I sought. We started with my primary personality, the phlegmatic. When Shilpa said she was going to give me a “beachy” look, I was giddy. True to the peace-loving tendencies of my temperament, the beach is one of my favorite places.


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Bakery Personalities – Part Two

In part one of this series we observed phlegmatic and melancholy doughnuts when they were free to be themselves. Today we will observe the sanguine and choleric treats doing what they do best.

The Sprinkly Sanguine

When I entered the bakery and gazed at the doughnuts on display from the many trays, the sanguine spheres sprinkled with charm immediately captured my attention. They were topped off with a luscious chocolate icing nicely accented with pink and blue decorations. It was hard to miss that bright group of fried dough.

After rescuing this personality-filled treat, it caused quite a commotion in my car. All my little passengers (a rubber turtle, a plastic praying mantis given to me by my son, and thrift-store grasshopper) were immediately drawn in by the naturally charming sanguine doughnut. That trend continued when I arrived home and unloaded the intriguing visitor; new little friends came from all corners of the house to greet this fun-loving sphere. There was no denying that this doughnut was a magnet for new friends. (more…)

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Bakery Personalities – Part 1

I recently strolled into a bakery to buy some baked goods. Immediately upon looking in the display case, personalities started jumping from the carefully fried and decorated goodies. You know what THAT means: an exposé of doughnut personalities!

The Peaceful Doughnut

This is our phlegmatic. As I gazed at the plethora of doughnuts in their various trays, my eyes glazed over. There were cake doughnuts, sparkly ones, custard-filled spheres, and elongated masterpieces. Then I saw it, a tray of plain  doughnuts: nothing fancy, just plain glazed doughnuts. They quietly caught my phlegmatic eye, so I bought one! There was nothing fancy about that holey dough and that’s why it appealed to me. Plain and simple.

However, when I got my plain doughnut home, I couldn’t help but noticed it was a tad stressed. Evidently, being born in a bakery is quite traumatic. It’s loud and there are way too many other doughnuts and my peaceful piece of fried bread needed some tranquility. As a phlegmatic personality myself, I knew just what to do: a candlelit bubble bath. It worked wonders.  A candlelit bubble bath is a peaceful phlegmatic’s best friend. (more…)

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Fashion Personalities – Part 2

In part one of this two-part series I dressed as choleric and sanguine personalities. Now it is time to unveil the melancholy and phlegmatic.

Jovonn, a sales consultant at the BCBG – MAXAZRIA section in the Albuquerque Dillards, did a great job helping me find the sought-after looks. The clothes achieved the personality appearances I needed, but stepping out of my phlegmatic comfort zone felt extremely unnatural. But, in this post I get to show off the phlegmatic outfit that captured my fashion-challenged heart. I’ll also share my melancholy adventure which gave me a new appreciation of what professional models go through.

The Magnificent Melancholy

I am not going to lie . . . trying to pull off the elegant and well-polished melancholy look was not easy. I think that’s because this personality is the most foreign to me. Oh, I can explain the personality, but to actually LIVE it?  That’s a different story!


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Fashion Personalities – Part 1

I decided to try an experiment: what would happen if I, a phlegmatic/sanguine mix, dressed like each of the personalities? So, last time I was in Albuquerque I went to Dillards and stalked sales clerks who might be willing to assist me on this adventure.

Sure enough, using my personality prowess, it didn’t take me long to locate a couple of cute, sweet-looking girls who looked phlegmatic. I approached them with my idea and they were receptive. After a couple of phone calls to the appropriate managers, we secured permission for my fashion make-over in the  BCBG-MAXAZRIA section of the Dillards store nestled in Winrock Center.

The Powerful Choleric Fashionista

Choleric is not my dominate personality. Jovonn, my helpful fashion consultant, found an actual “power” skirt that immediately intimidated me. It was slathered with leopard print, was skin tight, and I’m pretty sure it growled at me. I was a little scared to slip into it, but Jovonn assured me that I would like it.


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Using Personalities to Get Along with Others – Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, we looked at the first 5 rules of getting along with others by Norman Vincent Peale. Looking at the list through the lens of personalities helped show which traits caused people to struggle and how to overcome these weaknesses. Today, we will look at the last 5 suggestions on the list.

10 Rules for Getting Along with People by Norman Vincent Peale

6. Eliminate the “scratchy” elements of your personality, traits that can irritate others.

  • The minute this list said “scratchy” I thought of the choleric. All the personalities have challenging aspects, but choleric people are sometimes considered the lovable cacti. Due in part to their blunt and abrasive nature, this group often intimidates people. They are so mission minded and know what needs to be done, they unintentionally run over people. They are also great at reminding friends and loved ones that they “told you so.” They have an uncanny way of seeing situations unfold and letting you know they were, in fact, right. The best way to tone this down is to soften their approach with others and not always point out when they are correct. (more…)

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Using Personalities to Get Along with Others – Part 1

I recently ran across a list by Norman Vincent Peale. It originally published in Time Talk and offers “10 Rules for Getting Along with People.” As I perused the helpful hints, I noticed it offered great insights for the personalities. Let’s go through the list and see which personalities will have to work a little harder in some areas to get along with others.

10 Rules for Getting Along with People (Norman Vincent Peale)

1. Remember their names

  • The sanguine and phlegmatic personalities will find this hard. Sanguine people don’t pay too much attention to detail and phlegmatic people can be somewhat oblivious to things of memory. In order to improve in this area, these two personalities may want to repeat someone’s name upon learning it or write it down at the first opportunity along with a short description of their new acquaintance. Being a phlegmatic, I’ve done employed both strategies and they really do work! (more…)

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How Do Personalities Affect Your Exercise Life? – Part 2

In the last segment of this exercise series we looked at how choleric and melancholy personalities approach exercise. Today we are going to look at how the sanguine and phlegmatic personalities deal with working out.


Sanguine personalities either love or hate exercise. The key is whether they think it is fun or not fun. Sanguine people are all about having a good time and if they think physical activity is fun, they will do with a smile and beads of sweat on their brow. However, they will quickly abandon the clank of equipment and the music-filled aerobic rooms if a more intriguing activity enters the picture.

(Obviously my sanguine extreme niece found something funner to do than exercise.)


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