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Introvert Revelations – Part 2: I Want It, But I Can’t

Oh the internal struggle that perplexed meĀ  until I discovered my personality. As a phlegmatic/sanguine blend I now understand the tug of war that has been my constant companion since I was a little girl. Its roots started with my introverted primary personality (phlegmatic), but were complicated with my extrovert blend (sanguine.)

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As a little girl and teen I always had SOME idea tumbling around in my head: you know, the typical girl stuff like boys, dating, dogs, and a few sports. However, I was never insistent about any of it.

  • For my 10th birthday I wanted a basketball hoop because I wanted to play just like my look alike cousin when I got to high school.. Well, I got the hoop, but it never was put up. I don’t know why, it just lay useless in our bike garage. Being phlegmatic, I was OK with that. Had I been sanguine, I would have pestered my parents until it was erected. Had I been choleric, I would have demanded they get it up (or I would have done it myself). If I had been melancholy, I would have sunk into a depression and guilted the folks into putting it up. But, alas, I was phlegmatic and despite wanting it, I let it go. (more…)

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10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities – Part 2

Have you been losing sleep waiting for the rest of the list? Here are the remaining five of the 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities. If you did not see or need to review the first five, click this link to Part 1 of this two-part series.

Without further ado, here we GO:

TOP 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PERSONALITIES (in no particular order) – Part 2

5. Each of the four personalities has emotional needs. People and personalities are like cars . . . when a car’s gas tank is empty it doesn’t work, when a person’s emotional gas tank is empty, they don’t work. This means they start gravitating toward their weaknesses. Read More. (more…)

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10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities – Part 1

Happy 2013! Many blogs are talking about New Year’s Resolutions about now. As a phlegmatic I try to avoid “resolutions because, as a phlegmatic, I need more flexibility than that word seems to insinuate. Goals are definitely a part of my new year vocabulary, but I don’t like to get too rigid. That is why I, the Personality Mechanic, am not writing a “New’s Year Resolution” post this year. I’ve opted for just good, solid personality information to kick off 2013. (I think my “10” is much better and more informative than any Top 10 List David Letterman has presented.)


1. Each personality is uniquely wonderful: No two people are alike. We tend to relate differently to people we don’t understand than we do those we know. If we know that others are unique and wonderful whether we “get them” or not, we are less judgmental and critical. If we know that WE are unique and wonderful, it makes it easier for us to embrace and accept who we are….AND who we are created to be. Personalities help us understand ourselves and others. Read More details. (more…)

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2012: Resolution Solutions – Part 2

In part one of Resolution Solutions we looked at strategies to help choleric and melancholy personalities approach self improvement for 2012. In part two I’ll provide helpful hints for the laid-back phlegmatic and the easily distracted sanguine.

Encouragement for the Laid Back and Easily Distracted

If you are either the phlegmatic or sanguine resolutions makers, I feel your pain. Being a blend of BOTH these non-task oriented personalities, resolutions used to make me break out in a cold sweat. A sweat from the fount of failure! (more…)

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2012: Resolution Solutions – Part 1

I don’t know about you, but New Year’s Resolutions give me a headache. Well, they used to. I always had such high hopes of accomplishing great things, but I usually failed miserably when it came time to follow through. How about you? What do you think of the self-improvement game as we flip the calendar to 2012?

For years my well-intentioned plans floated to the floor like the festive confetti of New Year’s Eve only to be swept away like yesterday’s trash. My resolutions were left behind as time marched forward. Ever been there? It’s quite depressing. However, when I learned about personalities I gained a new and improved outlook toward New Year’s resolutions. It made all the difference in the world and I want to share some practical solutions for those struggling with the traditional self-improvement of the season.

Tips for the Task Oriented

Choleric and melancholy personalities have a better chance of succeeding than do the sanguine and phlegmatic people of the world. The fact that they are the task-oriented temperaments gives them the edge. (more…)

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On the Road with the Reluctant Phlegmatic – Coast Rica, Part 2

In part one of my Costa Rica adventure, I shared some of the things I learned about my travel personality. Today, I will highlight a few more discoveries as I traipsed around the Central American country.


Phlegmatic personalities may not do things with the flair of a sanguine or the intensity of the choleric, but we tend to finish what we start. Part of our tour included racing along a zip line. My thinking: if you travel to Costa Rica, you may as well be able to say you zip-lined through the rain forest canopy. Well, I can now say it! I didn’t like it, but I did it. It was slow and steady (which is the typical phlegmatic way) and not very pretty.


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On the Road with the Reluctant Phlegmatic – Costa Rica, Part 1

There was so much to share about this topic, it turned into a two-parter. I hope you enjoy part one and will join me again when I post part two.

Have you ever thought of traveling with a bus-load of tweens and teens? Probably not, but if you did, it probably stopped with that thought. Well, I actually did it! I toured Costa Rica accompanied by more than enough tweens and teens to scare the most hardened drill sergeant . . . and I liked it!!

I chaperoned my youngest son and his middle-school classmates along with the beloved Los Alamos Middle School Spanish teacher, Rita Sanchez. Our little band of globe trotters shared a bus with a large group of high-school students from the Midwest. We had a great time and this reluctant, phlegmatic traveler discovered a few things about my travel personality.


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Surviving Holiday Personalities – Part 2

Do different personalities drive you nuts during the holidays? We can try to run, but it isn’t always easy to hide when 1) every nook and cranny of your house has been invaded by company or 2) you are an “invader” in someone else’s home and you don’t know WHERE to hide. In part one of this holiday series we looked at understanding sanguine and choleric personalities. Today we take a look at the two introverted temperaments, the melancholy and phlegmatic.

The Holiday Melancholy


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Surviving Holidays Personalities – Part 1

Thanksgiving is next week, and Christmas is just around the corner. Most of us greet the holidays with giddy anticipation often mixed with a little dread. Festive gatherings stir a variety of personalities together and sometimes the results are explosive.

In this two-part series, I provide some personality tools to take the dread out of the holidays and equip you with understanding. So make yourself comfortable and get ready to learn about the holiday personalities dancing around the Thanksgiving turkey and the Christmas tree. You may even learn how to make yourself easier to be around in the process.

The Holiday Sanguine


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On the Road with Personalities – Part 2 – Viva Las Vegas!

In part one of this two-part series we explored the sanguine and choleric personalities on the Las Vegas strip. Today the melancholy and phlegmatic tourists take center stage.

Melancholy Musings

Is it possible that something in the sanguine land of bling, flashing lights, and noise, would appeal to this quiet, organized personality? Believe it or not, there is! Traipsing through the loud, smoke-filled casinos easily overwhelms this sensitive, quiet-loving personality. However, when we sauntered through the Roman-influenced shopping mall of Cesar’s Palace, it seemed to be an atmosphere than this personality could relate. I don’t know if it was typical, but when strolled through it was not as raucous as most places along The Strip. There were some lovely pieces of art that could easily catch the melancholy traveler’s eye:


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