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#5b: Each Personality has Emotional Needs

Our focus for #5b is all about emotional needs. Each of the four personality types has them. In the original post, 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities, I compared emotional needs to a cars gas tank: just like a car cannot “go” with an empty tank, people do not “go” very well when their emotional tanks are empty.


There are certain things that each personality type needs to be “filled up”. Even though there is not a personality “pump” that automatically delivers these nourishing things to people like a gas pump does for cars, if you understand these needs you can become a sort of pump for those around you AND for yourself. Being a “personality pump” is important when dealing with others as well as keeping your own emotional tank full. Let’s see how THIS part of personalities works.


I’ll start with me because I know myself so well. (more…)

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#5a: We Tend to Marry Our Opposites

Today we are on to #5a as part of our detailed explanations from 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities. (NOTE: #5a, you might ask? Yes, I counted wrong when I made my top 10 list, so since I included TWO fives, so I broke them up into #5a and #5b.)

Today, we learn about why we tend to marry our opposite personality. It amazes me how true this little tidbit is – most couples I know ARE married to their total opposite. Spontaneous and fun-loving sanguines tend to marry the more quiet and measured melancholy people, while “the doer” choleric and the procrastinating phlegmatic are almost always drawn to each other. Doesn’t it make more sense to be attracted to someone who is more like you? (more…)

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#4: Each Personality Has Weaknesses

In my last post we looked at the strength of each personality type. Today, the weaknesses are in the spotlight as we look at #4.

Do you remember how, in the last post, I mentioned that I hate for anyone to be referred to as a looser? The one exception was on BUNCO night when the person who has lost the most games of the evening receives a prize for being the biggest loser. That is all OK because it is fun and games….and a prize. However, when we operate in the weaknesses of our personality, people may, just MAY refer to us losers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. IF you understand what weaknesses COULD arise because of how you are made, it’s easier to to prevent it from happening. Let’s dive in!! (more…)

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#3: Each Personality has Strengths

As promised, I continue providing more details to each of the 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities. #3 is up today: Each personality has strengths.

Even though I joke about “losers”during an evening of BUNCO, I hate to hear when people use that term when seriously describing someone. At least at BUNCO when you are sitting at the “loser’s table” there are three other ladies sitting there laughing with you. We even have a prize for the biggest loser of the night. That kind of loser is fun and games for a couple of hours, one evening a month. But, when the term loser is used “for reals” . . . I always cringe. (more…)

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#2: Most of Us Have Traits of All Four Personalities

As we continue the 10 Things You Need to Know, #2 takes center stage: Most of us have traits of all four personalities. Let’s explore this aspect of ourselves and others that can be confusing.

Personality profiles are a tool I use to help people understand their personality type. The profile consists of a fairly long list of word groupings that require the “taker” to pick the word that best describes them in each group. Upon completing the profile, inevitably, the taker has checks in each of the four personality types: sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic. However, the category with the MOST checks indicates their primary personality with the second most checked category being their secondary. The two remaining categories do not define their personality, but they have checks, none the less. Sometimes this throws people off when they are new to personalities because they put too much emphasis on these lesser displayed traits. (more…)

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#1: Each Personality is Uniquely Wonderful

Did you see my post 10 Things You Need to Know About Personalities?

The next series of posts is going to go into a little more detail about each of the 10 Things. Today we’re going to learn more about #1 on the list of 10: Why each personality is uniquely wonderful.

Plenty to go Around

There is no one like you. Oh, don’t get me wrong, you are part of a world filled with billions of people that all, for the most part, fall within the four personality types. It may seem that there needs to be more personality types to choose from because how can such a small number available accommodate such a huge population and still have ONE person be SO unique? Well, it works. Here’s how: (more…)

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Personalities and a Christmas Quiz

What Christmas carols match each personality type?

I found myself pondering that a couple of days ago and got a fun (at least I think it’s fun) idea to create a Christmas quiz matching personalities with holiday activities. An additional benefit . . . a humorous way to test YOUR personality knowledge. So, jump in….and in the spirit of Christmas, NO PEEKING at the answers at the bottom of the page. OK, here we go!

Your choices of personalities are sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic.

1. Match the Christmas carol to the personality type.

a) Better Watch Out
b) Jingle Bells
c) O Holy Night
d) I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day (more…)

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The Entertaining World of Christmas Ornament Personalities

After letting it sit around naked for a couple of days, I finally got around to decorating my poor bare tree. At least the factory attached lights kept it from total embarrassment. As I pulled out the decorations for the “fun” tree this year…the set of ornaments that includes ALL the goofy ornaments my two “twenty-something” boys picked in a yearly ritual when they were young…the parade of personalities that emerged from the boxes kept me entertained.


So, what spirited sanguine could resist THIS jolly, rotund man dressed in bright red sledding down a slope full of frozen fun! I must confess that my sanguine side fell in love with this crazy ornament when I was shopping for an ornament exchange last Christmas. I loved it so much I stole the sledding Santa during the exchange and came home with him. Shhh…don’t tell.


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Matching People Personalities with the Right Stuffy!

I hope you enjoy my first EVER vlog (video blog). I’ve been wanting to present “stuffy” personalities for a long time, but it seemed to me that just writing such a post would not do the subject justice. SO . . . when I recently learned the steps of making a vlog, I knew the time was right for this long awaited topic.

As with most things there is room for improvement, and since I haven’t mastered the art of editing (actually, I have NO clue how to edit and I don’t really want to learn right now) there is ONE place I ask you to watch for so you are not confused. After I describe the SANGUINE stuffy, I move to the CHOLERIC. I accidentally use the term “sanguine” in two places when I meant to say “choleric”. Just be on the lookout and that won’t trip you up. And, I promise that after a long enough time of procrastinating (a personality trait in phlegmatic people like me) I will learn how to fix such boo-boos.


©2012 Shona Neff

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Personalities and Prince Charming

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but June is the month for weddings.

Personalities play a big part in the world of nuptials and, believe it or not, we tend to marry our opposite. We fall in love with all the strengths of our beloveds, but after the honeymoon we often discover we married their weaknesses. Personalities are a tool that help us understand the person we marry and today we are going to look at the different princes through the lens of personalities.

Prince Sanguine . . . the True Charmer

The sanguine hubby tends to be spontaneous, creative, and fun. This is evident in everyday life and life in the bedroom (or possibly other fun and funky locations.) They love whimsical activities and games and often have as many words as women that they need to speak in a given day. That’s why the sanguine personality is known as the talker. The sanguine prince uses all these traits to be truly charming. (more…)

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